Backed Up... it is...the couple of photos from Sub Ball:

And a close up of my make-up.

It's been years since my days at Sephora and I never really have a need to wear lots of make-up, if at all. Many days I go nekkid. was lots of fun playing around. I used NARS Duo Eye Shadow in Habanera on my eyes, along with a few individual Shu Uemura Flare Eyelashes - Black at the outer corners) although the falsies were more for volume than length), and topped off with Shu Uemura basic mascara. OOH...and I cannot, CANNOT forget that I primed my eyes with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Without it, my eye make-up would've lasted all of 2 hours instead of all night long. I've been using that primer for a few years now...and trust me, there's a good reason why this bad boy has a cult following. It's that good.

Sub ball was fun. I did my own hair and make-up and Mom babysat the kids. The food was ok. The dancing would've been better if my dress wasn't so damn dramtically long. All in all, it was a great evening with my favorite of the few times in years (let's say 6 since Kaia turns 6 in September) that we've gotten to spend by ourselves.

Still, my waiter wasn't that great...I'm still waiting on my water refill. JUST KIDDING, Beb...LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. Liza...I'm still going to reply to your post from waaaay back!!!