Preps & Apologies

Two explanations for the photos above.
1. Sorry for the narcissitic moments! These were a necessity since I was going to have to send these to my sister for a fashionista consult. Sean's no help...I love the man, but he's no help in this department.
2. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't use my Gorillapod & set the timer! What a dodo.

It's the eve of our first, and probably last, sub ball. Mom is down and will watch the kiddies. I got my dress (black...and I'm doing a one-shouldered variation) this past Tuesday and have been playing around with different looks. Sean had to buy a new uniform since made he better get some use out of it in the future!!!!

I couldn't believe I was wasting time doing things like practicing my hair & makeup when I could've been spending time with my hubby. Good thing is, I did spend time with him afterwards doing P90X. Bad thing, any gains from P90X were obliterated this evening at the sushi buffet. ;o) Then again, I feel more relaxed going into tomorrow knowing what I'm going to do and just having to worry about making sure Mom & the kiddies are set for the evening....I premade the lasagna & garlic mix for the bread today. Yea-uh! I guess the hair & makeup practice and pre-making tomorrow night's meal are unlike me!!! ;o)

Anyway...I had to choose between the two looks and the one with the bangs out of my face won because my hubby doesn't like bangs. ;o) I'll humor him this time...tee hee hee.

Oh...and apologies are in order for the following parties:

Poetic Wax: I am so sorry I made you work so hard to wax the jungle that were my pits.

Venus Razor: I totally apologize that you had to be dragged through the forest that was on my legs.

Toe nails: I am sorry you are part of me. I will try to take better care of you. Ok, I won't...there are other things more important to me...sorry!! But, you know I show you some love like 2-3x/year! ;o)

On a positive note, I'd like to send a shout out to my Mom for not only being here, but giving me part of your hairless (ok, barely-has-any-body-hair genes)...I would've had to replace the blade on my razor for each leg if it weren't for your genes.

TMI again? You're welcome.




Yeah, I think I'm crazy. Well...that I've always known...but it seems that I always like to put more on my plate than I can handle...except for food, 'cause I can literally put a lot on my plate and handle that bad boy with no problem...thank you Li genes for big appetites and high metabolisms (except mine is definitely a lot more sluggish nowadays...lack of exercise doesn't help)!! ;o)

Take for instance, gearing up to move, Hubby's out to sea, Xmas is, I decide to MAKE Xmas presents instead of doing my usual ordering ( Prime...I LOVE YOU). Yeah...seriously? It started with these for our neices:

I was pretty proud of 'em since they were 100% handmade/designed/ someone who is now 100% not crafty. I used to be artsy when I was a kid, but that took a backseat as I grew older. was part of a kit I put together. THEN...I really liked it and wanted to do it for our other neice who is like a big sister to Kaia...and of course since they're like sisters, they have to have the same then I had to make one for Kaia (poor thing is still waiting for hers since I ran out of trim for the apron). Jaida also got a halter that's like Kaia's sub halter. Of course, since I was doing an apron for the girls...I couldn't be gender-biased with the aprons and not make one for their brothers!! Boys gotta learn how to cook as much as girls! Equal opportunity is our motto. Also, I can't claim all the credit for the sub shirts...the kids painted them for their "siblings"...the Martinos!

This (Jaida's tank)... modeled after these the kids made in the summer...

...and this (Kaia's dolphin tank that she waited on me for FOREVER to make):

Anyhoo...Jaron's birthday party is this weekend in DC. We're having it early so my neice (who's birth date is supposed to be in mid-May) does not crash the party early. I want her to ripen up as much as possible in my sister's uterus!!! ;o) LOVE YOU, TALIA!! I've made two cakes and going to make two batches of cupcake lollipops. Jenn can thank me later. This girl can single handedly eat an entire batch of these lollipops...and I make over 50 per batch and these bad boys are not small. However...Jenn Shih is tiny and can pack 'em away like no other! ;o) I *heart* you, Jenn!

Here's a teaser of the lollipops...

So, as I waste my time in this wasteland called the's off to make these lollipops, bake two more cakes from SCRATCH...none of that boxed-mix crap), two batches of buttercream, two desserts, run errands, 5 loads of laundry (2 down, 3 to go), and PACK!!

Yet, it's so worth it. Doing things from the heart for people we's worth it. I LOVE CELEBRATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kal Penn

Go on Kal Penn with your hot, smart self!

This is the same guy who also taught a course in Asian American studies at UPenn.


P90X...kiss my rump.

Hahahaha....JK. The hubs has been dying to do this darn P90X program that he's seen on the infomercials for the past few months. By seeing...I literally mean the man watches the infomercials like real t.v. shows. Even the kids know what P90X is. HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyhoo...seeing how this fine piece of perfection that he married is...I figured, I'll humor him by doing it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This poor body of mine has not seen exercise since college and is DYING. Shoot...I started falling apart in my 20s and I directly attribute that to lack of exercise.


So, we'll see how long we keep up with it. We're both not the ideal body shape we'd like to be. I want muscle definition back and to lose some extra LBs of fat that I've accumulated over the years...slowly replacing all that atrophied muscle. Sean would like to lose the extra fat and get more cut. My man's already nice and buff...*sigh* His only downfall is way too big/many portions of my cooking...and his *mealing* habits. Mealing is what I call his snacking...except you can tell by my term his portion sizes. ;o) At least I cook uber-healthy (fresh, loads of veggies, high in fiber, lots of unsaturated fats, no trans fats, etc.)! I shudder to think what we'd look like on a different diet. Eek!

The only place I've managed to lose weight over the past 5 years is up north...somewhere below my neck and above my stomach. I love my kids and wouldn't change the fact that they were both breastfed for a year...but man, did they do a number on the itty bitties I once had. Now, I am the proud owner of just nipples and no breast tissue. Sorry for the TMI. Then again, if you know know I'm always no-holds-barred on everything...honesty...brutal honesty. Anyhoo...if you see me, know that it's 100% Victoria's Secret....100%. If we add a third child to the mix, I'm probably looking at concave boobies! HOORAY! *sigh*'s already been a nice week of muscle soreness and the expected DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness...that, Kids, is something from my kinesiology days). But, we've been doing more outdoorsy stuff and not just staying at home (even though we SHOULD stay at home since *surprise, surprise*...we still have boxes to unpack and lots of stuff to do around the CLEANING IT). But, I like us being good role models for the kids by working out since they're going to grow up loving food...and they're high metabolism genes will only last so long.

I hurt...and I love it.

Thank you for the help with the dress. I actually went boring and ordered it in black. I figured I'll have this dress forever and probably will end up passing it down to Kaia one day! Hahahaha. Now, I'm just paying the waiting game!