It's gorgeous outside and the rain has finally stopped...but the day is off to a scary start...

First, I read Blunoz's post about the despicable Westboro Baptist Church...the loonies who condemn the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, & queer/questioning) community and protest funerals of fallen military.  First off, we won't get started on the protests of the LGBTQ community...that would take me too long to rant about (ahhhhh, I miss my old activist days).  Second...picketing funerals?  Really?  I'm not sure how a "church" can justify doing these abhorrent things during the most painful times in peoples' lives.  I can't even begin to imagine what those families/loved ones feel when seeing these a-holes.

Second, I get an email from Melis about a post from Cop Mama about your personal information splattered on the web on Spokeo.  I've always been diligent about Googling myself and my fam...but this site was strange since it listed your family members, HOBBIES, etc.  Apparently, should be in the CIA since my identity has managed to go undetected for all these years in all the states I've lived in.  My mom, sister, brother (in-law), hubs, & late father are all listed on the site.

But, thanks to that site, I've found out that I've added another layer to my diversity work.  Although I have always championed for equality across various communities, I'm apparently a biracial woman (half white & half African-American) whose main focus is on the Asian American community.

I've been living a lie my entire life...


Mom n' Me Monday

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Please don't say this is a foreshadowing of her teenage years...

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Figure It Out Friday...

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From I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up...

I've been coveting this piece of art from a fellow sub wife Becca for a while.  I love the quote and it holds so true for us military fams.  "Bloom where you are planted"...that is definitely a saying most military fams can relate to.

Then, I took this photo of a weed growing on our front steps and thought about the metaphorical significance of this little thing growing and thriving in an environment not suited for it.  I thought about the beauty of how things/people placed in adverse situations managed to flourish despite conditions that they are not suited for and/or ideal.  It's the self-discovery of a different kind of strength that so many of us never knew we had to go from a rooted life of relative stability to one that is nomadic and dynamic, often far from the life and loved ones to which you have been accustomed.  Yet, this constant uprooting of myself & my family have done nothing but strengthen us as individuals and as a family.

However, moments after this photo was taken and before I could reshoot the photo, The Hubs came by with the weed killer and promptly annihilated the poor thing.


Mom n' Me Monday

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I promise that I'll start having some newer photos...but in the meantime, this was one of the most recent photos I could dredge up with me & my little man (and by recent, I mean April '09).  This week's Mom n' Me Monday features a little one who was supposed to be Kaia's little sister...but someone had other plans for me.  I remember when we were told we were having a boy and all the panic that set in inside me.  Being the eldest of two girls and already being halfway there with Kaia, I thought and hoped that I would have my two girls.

Instead, we had Jaron...who turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of my life.  He is the most cuddliest, sweetest, funniest, and smartest little boys ever.  I am constantly thankful for this little man who is everything I never knew I needed (well, that goes for BOTH kids).

Everyday I'm reminded of why I'm so blessed to be this guy's #1 Girlfriend and enjoying that status while it lasts.


Ignition Breathalyzer Legislation

I popped over to Blunoz' blog and basically left my own blog post as a "comment" on his post on breathalyzers.  Basically, VA & MD want to pass legislation where it will be mandatory to install breathalyzers in the cars of first time convicted DUI offenders (catch it here in the Washington Post).  The breathalyzers would serve as an ignition interlock devices and hopefully lower the already high recidivism rates (yay, my college degree isn't going unused...hahaha...go figure #1 criminology & criminal justice program in the country and I do squuuuuuuat with it).  I digress...

I've written about my dad and his struggles.  This man influenced my life in so many ways.  My outspokenness, activism, passion for social justice & education, and empathy are traits that are definitely are from him.  Pride as an American, an Asian American (no hyphen biotches), and as a woman of color...definitely from him.  I see these traits coming out in his grandchildren as well.  Obviously, the lack of drinking was indirectly influenced by him.  He was a really good man with a very strong moral character just with an unfortunate "disease" (I put it in quotes since  I believe there's just this huge gray area of it be biological and what not).


Hail & Farewell...finally.

It's been a week and a half since Sean finally got relieved and had his official hail & farewell...this ending our his department head tour and giving him a brief respite before moving into his post-department head/shore tour.  For those non-mil readers...let's start at the beginning...

My awesome partner was the Weapons Officer (WEPS) on the USS Tennessee.  That's a submarine and more specifically, a ballistic missile sub.  To be relieved simply means that the PWEPS (prospective weapons officer) finally took charge and became the WEPS leaving Sean to go on to his next duty station.

The Hail & Farewell (H&F) is a military tradition that is pretty self-explanatory.  It's a celebration to welcome incoming and thank/say goodbye to outgoing individuals of a this case, the wardroom's (aka officers) H&F was to hail the new WEPS & CHOP (supply officer) and say goodbye to the Hubs & old CHOP.


Mom n' Me Monday

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My wonderful friend Melissa over @ The Zookeeper's Diary (a must visit if you haven't already) participated in Julie's (from The Peanut Gallery...exit here...also a must read) Mom n' Me Monday.  A fantastic idea if A) you're a Mom and B) you're the sole photographer in the family.

So, since I thought my kids were destined to grow up wondering where Mom was during all their trips, important times, and just hanging out...I guess I'll start having some proof that I wasn't just their personal chef and photographer.  

Not that I mind...but maybe it'll be nice to see myself years from now and think "Wow, you look pretty good as your pre-Botox-Juvaderm-Restalyn self!"


I have enough on my plate to worry about what bad things I'll pass along to my daughter, I don't want (body) image issues to be one of them.

So, since I don't know when was the last time I took a photo with my kids (which almost always involves you seeing my arms outstretched as I hold the camera)'s one with Kaia, my eldest, taken while goofing off with our brand new toy (an iMac) in October '09.

I swear...this girl freakin' rocks.  She's got an empathetic heart of gold.  A sense of humor that is beyond her years.  A memory that's going to bite me in the butt in a few years...

And a smile that continually melts my heart and reminds me why it's so awesome to be her mom.


Figure It Out Friday...

Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

I had to comb through old photos since I've kind of slacked on taking photos lately.  Between the scholarship reads, a stomach virus, and colds...I've been slacking., I'm shopping around for my DSLR now too!  ;o)

I promise to post photos from the Hubs' Hail & Farewell too...albeit they suck but's something.

I did dredge this one up from January.  Apparently my son thought it would be funny to wear his sister's gold sequined belt.  But Little Man didn't think it was so funny when I took a future-blackmail-evidence-proof photo of it.

Silly boy...SILVER would've gone WAY better with the outfit.  Boys...they never learn.  ;o)

For more on my silly son, you can see him in action over here on our family blog.


Master P

No, not the's my new title for today.  P as in PROCRASTINATION!!  It's nearly 2am or 0200 and I'm now into the last day reviewing scholarships...and doing laundry.  I've been volunteering for the past few years and this year hasn't been up to par...that is, I haven't been up to par.  I've definitely hauled some serious tookus this past week and am reviewing my 123rd application.  Other than my procrastination, I seriously can't complain.  I've read some applications written by some amazing individuals and it's a constant reminder that I live a very good life...very.  Although the pool I've had so far isn't as impressive as past years, I do hope some of my applicants score one of the scholarships.

My little treat and incentive...a Nikon D90.  BUT...that is contingent on me scoring @ least 150 apps.  Totally doable...if I focus.  I've been eyeing this little investment for quite some time and with my little stinkers growing like crazy...I need to capture as many moments as I can.

Anyhoo...I will definitely do a better update soon.  Especially since the biggest news is Sean FINALLY got relieved as the WEPS last Friday.  FINALLY.

More on that with bad photos (another reason why I need a DSLR with a good lens to take better indoor photos)...


Figure It Out Friday...

Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

Sean found this while purging some old drawings from the kids' corner:

No, Sweet Girl, I have the best daughter EVER!!!


Celebrating by making Whoopie...

Whoopie PIES...gutter-mind.

Sean's one two week-long turnover is nearing the end.  This is a change for him since his turnover when he was the PWEPS was 3 DAYS. also gave me a chance to try out MORE recipes and for him to take the results to the boat.

It's been nice to be the "wardroom mom".  It's that big sister thing in's also that I-want-to-sharpen-my-baking-skills-and-not-suffer-a-heart-attack-while-doing-so thing.  ;o)  I hope I'm not screwing up the boat's PRTs!

Anyway, the boys got peanut butter whoopie pies today and they were devoured within 10 minutes of Sean arriving on the boat.  The XO was considering lengthening Sean's tour so the boat will stay well-fed.  HAHAHAHA.  But, we're lucky...the XO will be Sean's XO in the fall.  Awesome!  He's a great guy and is going to be a kick-a$$ CO.

So, if you're hankering for some peanut butter chocolate pies...head on over to my food blog!  Man, if we do decide to have another kid here soon...I can kiss these baking days GOODBYE.  Till I bake.

One more day.



For those of you not versed en Espanol...that means sad.

Well, the hubby's week-long turnover with the PWEPS (perspective weapons officer) has turned into a week and a half long turnover.  My goal during his turnover...bake a bunch of new cookie recipes to try them out and to feed the USS TN.  I was sick as a dog last week and managed to 1) be hygienic enough not to infect anyone but my hubby and 2) not infect anyone.

I'm all good now.

Last night I made these Martha Stewart PB&J bars.  But, before you cut them you have to refrigerate them.  Unfortunately, we had to go to I told Sean to wake me up this morning so I could cut them for him and he could take them to work.  Mind you the man wakes up at 4am and I am NOT a morning person.

He didn't wake me up.  (Because he's thoughtful like that)

He took the bars.  (I'm sure without cutting them and with the IKEA kiddie knife I left in there)

He didn't leave me any.

I've been baking up a storm to try out new recipes and Sean could take 90% of them to work.  

But this time...the USS TN got 100%.

I didn't even get to take pics of my hard work...for my food blog that I rarely update but still take photos for.

Oh my hubby...I love that man.  But really, how can I blame a man who wouldn't wake me up at the butt-crack of dawn.  Who was probably too tired and too sick to even think of saving some of the bars.

Still...I do have a craving for them.

But really, it all goes back to...I've got a really good man.

Don't forget to visit Becca's blog to enter in her giveaway!


Image used courtesy of RSW @ LovelyYellowRibbons

The uber-talented and ridiculously awesome Becca from Lovely Yellow Ribbons is giving away one of her ridiculously cute "Keep Calm" prints!  Becca is a fellow subby wife and artist/mother/wife/woman extraordinaire!  I had ordered a custom family crest for our BFFs from her and it was gorgeous.  What's keeping us from ordering one for ourselves is trying to figure out if we want to add another to our brood or be content with our current little blessings. But really, looking at could you not want to up and order one for yourself???

Image used courtesy of RSW @ LovelyYellowRibbons

Anyhoo...please check out her blog for more info and to enter the giveaway.  The selfish part of me wants you to NOT sign up for the giveaway...but really...sign up.  She's frickin' awesome.  While you're at it...visit her Etsy site.  I'm really not hyping her up to increase my chances of winning...the winner is chosen by a random generator.  But really...her talent is awesome.  Her products are amazing (even MORE amazing in person).  It's always good to support fellow military spouses and independent enterprises.

Seriously...this woman rocks!