Image used courtesy of RSW @ LovelyYellowRibbons

The uber-talented and ridiculously awesome Becca from Lovely Yellow Ribbons is giving away one of her ridiculously cute "Keep Calm" prints!  Becca is a fellow subby wife and artist/mother/wife/woman extraordinaire!  I had ordered a custom family crest for our BFFs from her and it was gorgeous.  What's keeping us from ordering one for ourselves is trying to figure out if we want to add another to our brood or be content with our current little blessings. But really, looking at could you not want to up and order one for yourself???

Image used courtesy of RSW @ LovelyYellowRibbons

Anyhoo...please check out her blog for more info and to enter the giveaway.  The selfish part of me wants you to NOT sign up for the giveaway...but really...sign up.  She's frickin' awesome.  While you're at it...visit her Etsy site.  I'm really not hyping her up to increase my chances of winning...the winner is chosen by a random generator.  But really...her talent is awesome.  Her products are amazing (even MORE amazing in person).  It's always good to support fellow military spouses and independent enterprises.

Seriously...this woman rocks!

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