Want to do something good?

The sporadic blogger is back, but just to write about one of my dearest friend's newest endeavors.  Dharma has been one of my dearest friends since college.  We met in one of our Asian American studies classes, participated in the same student leadership groups, and comprised 2/3 of the first students to graduate with the then-newly established Asian American Studies certificate from UMD.  Since then she has been confidant, a wonderful aunt to my kiddies, and sister.  Dharms continues to help mentor, counsel, and raise young student leaders to this day, many of whom are excelling in the fields of social justice in non-profit orgs, private sector, and the government.  Now she is directing some of her endless energy and humanitarianism towards human trafficking.  I am totally and completely way late in posting about this...but better late than never.

Dharma and her friend Pareesha were inspired by another fellow Terp alum to travel to Mysore, India to volunteer for an organization called Odanadi.  They have been fundraising since October, prior to their upcoming trip this December to Mysore.  They have raised 81% (as of today) towards their goal of $5,000.  (You can find the breakdown of how the donations will be utilized here.)

Need a good cause to support this holiday season?  Check out Dharma & Pareesha's blog and consider contributing to their efforts in fighting human trafficking.  They're accepting donations thru December 8!

Thank you!

Good luck, Special Friend and thank you for making this world a better place for all!