Attempted Murder

I just wanted to let you know of the "attempted murder" that just occurred...with this woman:

I tried to visit with Jackie Warner only to have her try to kill me.  After 14 min. and some odd secs, I had enough and left.  Granted, the visit was On Demand in my family I didn't have far to go.

Hopefully I'll still be able to walk to the bus stop to get my son.

If I don't answer my phone later, you know who is responsible.

I'm sooooooooo out of shape.  Remember the WALK that almost killed me?



You were treated to a visual feast of my sister, brother, and cutie pie niece the other day.  Now, another goodie from one of my college friends and favorite blogger, Ben aka DILF-in-Training (when you visit his site, please vote for him as a top baby blog)!  Thank you very much, for these beautiful photos that we will cherish forever!

I met Tanya about a decade ago (egads!) while we were both students at the University of Maryland. What’s amazing is that despite the fact I was an obnoxious, self-righteous twenty year old prick (really…who wasn’t at that age?) who had only now transformed into a slightly-less obnoxious, self-righteous thirty year old (and only slightly prick-ish) dad, we’ve remained friends all the same. Bless her heart. Really.
Though the details escape me as of this writing, Tanya and I somehow reconnected over the years via the multitude of social networking sites and blogs that were literally at our fingertips. We kept up with each other’s journeys towards happily ever after: marriage, white picket fences and 2.5 kids. And as a fellow foodie, experimental chef and shutterbug, she reliably remained at the top of my daily reading list all these years. Naturally :).
You can follow her blog here.
Since I was going to be in the vicinity for a wedding, I proposed to meet up to introduce the fam, under one condition: they allowed me to photograph their awesomely photogenic family!  It took some arm-twisting at first (okay, maybe not), but after some back-and-forth, she graciously accepted my humble offer and we found ourselves as weekend guests at their beautiful home (with Lil Monster in tow, no less!).
As a budding shutterbug, I was grateful for even a few casual shots. But this family totally went all out!  They even got matching outfits! So without further ado, allow me to introduce the fam!
Tanya + Jaron
Tanya + Kaia
Sean + Jaron
Sean + Kaia
Admittedly, my skills as a photographer and post-production slave are still works in progress,  but this family was such an absolute joy to photograph!  If I didn’t know any better, I would venture to guess that they did this on a regular basis!  Tan & Sean, thank you so much for having us over for the weekend, and allowing us to capture and share all these fantastic moments with your family.  I’m almost tempted to suggest we make this an annual event!
What can I say? We are absolutely IN LOVE with this family!
Photo Credits: Ben and Benson Lau


Amazing Awesomeness

I'm going the lazy route today (but at least I'm posting and it's not months later...not that anyone except all of my .5 readers care...hahahaha). One of my favorite blogs happens to be from a friend from college. We weren't the same year (he's younger), we didn't have the same major, and we didn't really participate in the same clubs. Yet, we still participated together in two of the biggest shows on campus together. It's definitely through the years...and more so when he started his Dad Knows Best and Conceived and Composed blog series that I've come to regard Ben's way with words and his awesomeness with a camera.

Anyway, Ben & his brother were originally coming down to our neck of the woods to shoot a wedding (again, these guys are REALLY GOOD and they're "just starting out")...of course we can't let friends stay anywhere but our house (unless we are hit by a plague or lose air-conditioning). Then they're beautiful wives & newborn baby...and well, for us, THE MORE THE MERRIER!  K & K & "Little Monster" (who, btw, is such a sweetie) were awesome! Ben's K had a baby almost 8 weeks ago and doesn't show any signs that she even gestated anything inside her tiny frame.  But, since I follow Ben's blog, I do know that she was, for sure, pregos at some point and must have abs & skin with the elasticity of Spanx.

But, even before we offered up our place, Ben had asked if he could shoot photos of our fam...which, of course, is a no-brainer on so many levels!  Of course, this turned into a photo shoot of not just our family but The Fam.  Mom was already down here (enjoying her recent retirement) and Kim, J, & Talia came down for the weekend.

We had a great time and those of you who are my FB friends have seen some of the other previews of the Lau Brothers' ridiculous talent!

THANK YOU, BEN & BENSON!!!!!!!  Please check out Ben's blog Future DILF-in-Training.  He's a great writer and photographer!  While you're at it, you can also vote for him as a Top Baby Blog!

And now without further ado, Ben's post (jacked, stolen, yanked, reprinted with permission) of my sister, brother (for those who are confused when I leave out the in-law, he's techinically my brother-in-law but he's way more than just an in-law), and my baby...errrrr...niece:

Jason + Kim + Talia

September 12, 2010

Here’s the funny thing about this particular family. Unbeknownst to me, I attended school with both Jason and Kim, and even graduated the same year; but the fact we had never crossed paths was just downright unforgivable. Goes to show how impersonal campus life can be when you’ve got 40,000 kids wandering on University of Maryland’s sprawling campus (go Terps!). When they heard that I was going to be in around town for a wedding, I accepted their hospitality under one condition:
That they allow me to photograph this wonderfully photogenic family.
Photo Credits: Ben and Benson Lau



It's a gorgeous day and both kids are in, I decided to push my atrophied self out the door to enjoy the weather and go for a walk with Jax.

I came to the following conclusions:

A) Being sedentary for so long causes both shock and confusion in both my muscles and my dog. It sounded like Bozo the Clown was walking with a dirty prank caller.

B) It's a good idea to make sure that if you are bringing your largest canine with you on a walk that you need to make sure that he has emptied his bowels prior to walking...thereby avoiding the walk of shame back to your house with a giant bag of steamy poo.

C) Stop being so sedentary.

You would figure someone who was a few courses short of obtaining her bachelor's in kinesiology (before I switched to criminology & criminal justice) would be more cognizant of keeping herself moving...but nooooooooooo.  It's usually too hot or too cold or too rainy or just about to rain or the kids need me or the hubby needs me or blah blah blah...

But today, it was just right.

Now, I just have to start convincing my body not to go into shock and to stop rejecting the fresh oxygen being pumped throughout her...


Wish me luck!

First Day of School

School started this week, officially marking the end of a crazy, fun-filled, jam-packed summer.  Jaron started kindergarten this year...leaving his mama single and sad...but excited for this new chapter in his life.  When did our "babies" grow up?

I know he's in good hands...specifically, his sister's.
I hope they'll always take care of each other.
Start of a bittersweet day where we've entrusted our kids to others
and knowing they're in great care.