First Day of School

School started this week, officially marking the end of a crazy, fun-filled, jam-packed summer.  Jaron started kindergarten this year...leaving his mama single and sad...but excited for this new chapter in his life.  When did our "babies" grow up?

I know he's in good hands...specifically, his sister's.
I hope they'll always take care of each other.
Start of a bittersweet day where we've entrusted our kids to others
and knowing they're in great care.


brooke lynn said...

so sweet.

it's like we wake up one morning and the kids have grown up!!!

have a great weekend :)

liza said...

That is the cutest. I'm still having a hard time. Especially, when MM takes the baby to preschool and I'm left in the house sola. It's so hard but I'm starting to feel the benefits of having them in someone else's care for a little while, at least.

Michelle A'etonu said...

too sweet. what great pics of them going together! hope it was a great first day!

Ellyn said...

So cute, sista! They are growing way too fast.. another reason why you need a numero tres? Glad you're back blogging...

Les said...

Awwww! Stay strong, Mama.