It's been a while and still might be a while until I blog again...just having the busiest summer to date and enjoying every minute of it.  But, I just wanted to send a huge congratulations to Daphne Kwok who was recently appointed by President Obama to be the chair of his advisory committee on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  You can read more about it here and here.

There really couldn't be a more stellar pick than Daphne.  I had the good fortune of knowing here from my days working in DC.  It was with her (and her deputy director at the time, Emmy Akiyama) that I was in the car en route to NYC to do some exit polling when tragedy struck the city and nation on 9/11.  Daphne is just ridiculously awesome and amazing...and humble.  Her parents are pretty kick-butt too raising this awesome woman.  I was pregos with Kaia when her dad told me that having daughters first is the way to go since they'll be your biggest help and blessing, as Daphne was.  I couldn't agree more with Mr. Kwok.  I know their daughter's recent achievement is just another in a long line of achievements to be proud of.

Congratulations, Daphne!  I know Obama's in great hands with you as his chair!


Lindsay said...

i've missed your blogging, but i'm glad you're having a good summer!
your post about 9/11 gave me goosebumps, you were so close to everything that happened, i can't imagine.
congrats to your friend, that is VERY cool.

Chris said...


I really like your blog. I am a casting director for a docu-reality series sponsored by the USO about military families awaiting the return of a loved one stationed overseas. This series is about how the family prepares for their service member's return and highlights the bravery, sacrifice, and courage military families need to have. I would love if you submitted to be part of the series. You can find an online submission form at or email me directly at for more information.

Thank you so much,

MollyinMinn said...

How very cool! Thanks for giving us some added dimension to who she is and what she is about. And glad to see you back!

Julie said...

You are still alive!! Yay!! I hear ya, my summer has been so full and fun too. Not much time for blogging!! I feel like I "know" someone who knows "someone"!! Thanks for the little bit of background. We need good people in government!

liza said..., that makes me two degrees of separation to the President. WOW!

Many congratulations to your friend Daphne. She sounds well deserving of the job. Been missing you in cyber world but glad to hear it's aaaallll good!

liza said...

ps...i see creepy asian dude misses you, too!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Enjoy your summer time :o) Great info and neat that you are friends with Daphne Kwok :o) Our younger daughter had an amazing and memobrable summer intern position as an undergrad in D.C. at the Department of Labor. We enjoyed our visit there and have military friends still living in the area.

Blessings & Aloha!
(I am a wee bit behind in stopping by to say thank you for your visit to my place :o) Have a wonderful week!