Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

Almost an entire month ago Recently, we held a joint birthday party for my son & niece.  Usually, the kids' birthday shindigs are a big deal because we hold them in DC every time as a way to be able to reconnect with so many friends & fam (or friendmily) that we don't get to see regularly due to our military life.  AND...thanks to our amazing fam, we've pulled this not-so-tiny interstate but intracoast about 10 times now.

So, I'm usually the one who creates and is responsible for a majority of the menu...and like at home, it tends to be from scratch and healthy (or at least healthier).  The cakes are no exception.  I get the uber-insane idea of baking nonstop for 48 hours before these parties to ensure some delectable treats.  The cakes (with icing), from scratch, always include two flavors...let me clarify...two different cakes.

This year was cake for my son & one for my baby, oops, I mean niece.  Jaron's was chocolate with cookies & cream buttercream...the texture & color of the buttercream actually added a nice gravelly effect to the finished product.  Big Boy vascillated between chocolate chip, chocolate, and lemon raspberry for his cake flavors.  LUCKILY, I got to choose the lemon raspberry for Talia.  This was also my first foray into the wonderful world of fondant (which I DID NOT MAKE from scratch).  I bought these cute little posies for her cake and used yellow pearl luster dust to color it a pale yellow...except I also forgot to bring a soft brush with me and used my mom's old pastry brush resulting in some streaks here and there.

However, friends should not let friends fondant (yes, I made it into a verb) without doing a test cake first.  Also, friends let friends RESEARCH how to work with and drape fondant correctly before doing so on the DAY OF THE PARTY.  I apparently am not a fondant rockstar like my friend Melissa.

Otherwise, you'll have to take your first try and let your shame face the wall.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Melis said...

Baby, your fondant is way better than my fondant EVER wanted to be. And can I just say, that's stunningly beautiful. AND I've fondanted many times and still don't know how to avoid that lame wrinkle in the back.

AS ALWAYS - fabulous! Miss you!

Michelle A'etonu said...

omg...I think the fondant cake is gorgeous! i want to learn how to do it too! great job, super mom!

Anonymous said...
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slommler said...

LOL! I see that pooch in the back there! I see it!!
I have to say it is still a beautiful cake. And I bet it tasted fabulous!!!
Anyway...your cakes are amazing!
Good for you on making their day so special!

Anonymous said...

Fondant!? You are awesomely awesome. I'm trying to figure out icing!

Are you enjoying your new cam? Miss you!

MollyinMinn said...

That's what walls are for. I am still beyond impressed. Looks great to me!

Julie said...

Can I just say...IMPRESSIVE!! Wow...just your description of the cakes made my mouth water. I've never done anything with fondant but little flowers. Your cake looks amazing!!

Thanks too, for your sweet, encouraging comments on my blog today!! I have met some of the coolest people through mom n'me..including you;)!!

Anonymous said...

i like your pinching method for the fondant, lol.

did you make those transformers from scratch? maybe i read to quickly.....

did you know...we have/had a side cupcake biz? good job on the cake!!

Tanya said...

Melissa...girl, is something wrong with that TN air??? No way. No how. You rock. I miss you.

Michelle...thank YOU, YOU Super Mom!

SueAnn...what pooch? ;o) I would like to be humble and say that it was "alright"...but it was ridiculous! We had three slices left over from everyone being "polite" but it was gone the next day. Even my little fam didn't get to try any of it! Hahaha.

Elle...funny woman. What CAN'T you do? My new cam..yes, I LOVE it. What about you with your beast of a new cam?

Molly...awwwww, thank you! But, it ain't no rocket ship! ;o)

Julie...*blush* Seriously, you do rock and I'm so glad I met you (thanks, Melis!)!

Ben...ummm, I can teach you how to quickly scrunch up all the fondant and make it look like that. ;o) And, by "scratch" if you meant going to A.C. Moore, buying the pkg, and placing them on the cake...then yes, I did. ;o) I'm so embarrassed you even saw this post since your Baby Mama does some ridiculous things with her cupcakes!

liza said...

So, I see that we have the same Asian commenter...but at least he translate for you! LOL!!! That yellow cake is to die for. How CUTE!!!!!! Can you send me some?

Claudia said...

the cakes look delicious - and I love your blog layout

brooke lynn said...

hey - that cakes looks awesome! i shutter to think how i would do fondanting :) for my first time!

MollyinMinn said...

Hey there, I am realizing I don't have an email for you...but you won that CSN Gift card giveaway...want to get in touch with me and I'll get you the details :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I think your cakes turned out great! It has been a while, but I wanted to go through some old posts and reconnect with some great bloggers, such as yourself...

My hubby and son are at a frined's watching UFC, so I have some "guilt-free" blog reading time :o)

Hope you are doing well!
Blessings & Aloha!
(have a safe and Happy July 4th! and if you get a chance to stop by, I would love to share some of our son's music with ya!)

Sarah said...

I'm a new follower stopping by to say hello! Glad we're all in this crazy Navy life together!