PAYLESS 50% Off Entire Purchase Discount!!!!!!!!!

Want to score a 50% discount @ Payless Shoes? Shoot...I do!! I was searching for hints for the Old Navy Weekly Ad and found that you could get a 50% off your entire purchase @ Payless Shoes.

Let's preface this. I used to work at Abercrombie & Fitch during college right in the beginning where it blew up and became uber-popular and college campuses around the US started looking like A&F threw up all over it. I would never, EVER shop @ the Gap (although my sister worked there, employees were treated better, paid better, scored better discounts, etc.), American Eagle (who eventually got sued for imitating A&F's looks), Old Navy, and hell-to-the-nizzo to Aeropostale. Who would've thought my apparel snobbery would trickle over to cosmetics when I started working for the LVMH-owned Sephora. HAHAHAHA. Fast forward to the future (and present)...I now shop almost all with the exception of AE &'s all about baby steps.

Anyhoo...I'm all about taking my mom's attitude of shoes for my an extent. I do still buy them nice shoes, if it's worth it and esp. if it's a bargain. BUT, they are kids and kids feet grow ridiculously Payless it is (although not as cheap anymore).

So, I tried this and it worked...text "oprahshow" to 242424 and receive a 50% off your total purchase from Payless Shoes. It's good only until close of business 10/30/09.

Happy shopping!


I. Love. Military. Medicine.

Okay...not really. I don't love that Kaia had some freak accident and broke her ankle while hopping to the bus afterschool last Friday...HOPPING. I wrapped her ankle after seeing it was bruised and a bit swollen and we headed up to DC for her belated birthday party. So, the morning of her belated party, Sean takes her to the ER at Nat'l Naval Medical Center (yes, the same one the US Presidents often go to...formerly known as Bethesda Naval Medical Center). After an admitted mix-up at the front desk and a myriad of other people go in front of her that came way after her, she gets seen and is eventually released with a sprained ankle....a mildly sprained ankle.

We get home a little after midnight Monday morning only to find that the docs @ NNMC left us a message to call them back in reference to Kaia's x-rays. So, 36 hours after she is released, I call to find out that our daughter, who had been hopping on one-leg when she wasn't being carried around...more hopping than anything and in an uber-protective Ace bandage, had FRACTURED her ankle.

What's more...the doc was calling to set up an appointment for a cast...which was surprising considering Kaia was released with a sprain. He wondered if she was still getting around on crutches that were given to her, but I reminded him that none were given to her since they said she was too small for them.

Anyhoo...long story short, our 6-year old is a super trooper and you wouldn't even know that she was injured except for the chronic one-leg hop she utilized all weekend-long to get around. I'm just pretty ticked that a hospital would release a child with a sprain only to find out that she has a fracture along her growth plate that could potentially stunt her growth or lead to other problems if not treated aggressively. Nice. I'm also ticked that despite the efforts made to call our home in VA Beach twice (2100 & 2200), no one bothered to call my husband's cell since we were out of town in DC. Double Nice.

When I look at her, how I can not get super-protective? Especially since she doesn't complain or victimize herself!!!!


Female Dolphins?

The Hubs' sub leaving last winter.

Women on of the newest oldest debates may soon become a reality. I'm not sure what my thoughts are on this. We've always fielded the questions of "why can't women be on subs" from our daughter and I've always told her that maybe one day she'll be able to be on a sub...or that women could be on subs (not exactly sure that she'd want to do what daddy does).

I'm definitely pro-woman on lots of subjects...but also am wondering about the implications of mixed-sex crews on subs. Shoot...if racism can be pretty rampant in the not-so-very diverse submarine community...what about sexism? Also, knowing how deployments/underways/patrols can be pretty taxing on some sub spouses...what if you do add to the mix the additional worry of having your spouse be tempted by female crew members. Additionally, what about the safety of these female crew members as well as support by the rest of the crew. My biggest concern would be the type of support these women would need and would they get it fairly?

I think my spouse would be able to fairly nurture female crew members...being an officer of color (who is prior-enlisted) married to a former civil rights activist, he's got some training and is more sensitive to underrepresented communities. BUT...what about the others? What more if the women are women of color? Like I said, it's very rare to have an person of color in the wardroom (the officers)...let alone 2. We've been lucky to have shared both tours with another officer of color and have always shared similar sentiments with regards to the lack of diversity and sensitivity (ie. EDUCATION) to underserved communities...this is shared by both officer and spouse.

Obviously the training from the Hubs' alma mater will be stellar and I'm glad to see that they would be grooming women @ the USNA to become trailblazers in this community. But, I can't reiterate enough how much support these women will need from their chain of command and the Navy to be as successful as their potential allows. I hope the right measures will be put in place to allow for the success and safety of these women.


*Ironically, as the Navy mulls this issue over, it so happens it's occuring during Military Rape Awareness Week. Here is one woman's experience, a staff sgt. in the Army. Just one of the issues that women could be facing living life as a bubblehead.



Ahhhhh...thank you to one of my most fave sub wives, the uber-talented and ridiculously gorgeous Liza, just gave me this addition to the other two awards that she gave me a while back that I'm so behind on still posting!!! Sorry, Liza!!


So the rules are:
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6. Your dream last night? Scary

7. Your favorite drink?

8. Your dream/goal? Happiness

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12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

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16. Wish list item? D90

17. Where did you grow up? DC

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22. Friends? Friendmily

23. Your life?

24. Your mood? Drained

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TJ's (Trader Joe's)

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34. One person who emails me regularly? Sister

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