PAYLESS 50% Off Entire Purchase Discount!!!!!!!!!

Want to score a 50% discount @ Payless Shoes? Shoot...I do!! I was searching for hints for the Old Navy Weekly Ad and found that you could get a 50% off your entire purchase @ Payless Shoes.

Let's preface this. I used to work at Abercrombie & Fitch during college right in the beginning where it blew up and became uber-popular and college campuses around the US started looking like A&F threw up all over it. I would never, EVER shop @ the Gap (although my sister worked there, employees were treated better, paid better, scored better discounts, etc.), American Eagle (who eventually got sued for imitating A&F's looks), Old Navy, and hell-to-the-nizzo to Aeropostale. Who would've thought my apparel snobbery would trickle over to cosmetics when I started working for the LVMH-owned Sephora. HAHAHAHA. Fast forward to the future (and present)...I now shop almost all with the exception of AE &'s all about baby steps.

Anyhoo...I'm all about taking my mom's attitude of shoes for my an extent. I do still buy them nice shoes, if it's worth it and esp. if it's a bargain. BUT, they are kids and kids feet grow ridiculously Payless it is (although not as cheap anymore).

So, I tried this and it worked...text "oprahshow" to 242424 and receive a 50% off your total purchase from Payless Shoes. It's good only until close of business 10/30/09.

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

hey now, from what I WORKED at A&F!!!

and you would've never caught me in that store....after 1998 that is..

liza said...

Go! BOGO! Go! Bogo... Go!