This past weekend we celebrated my little sister's 30th birthday. Fun was to be had all around in the happening Lancaster, PA actually was a bunch of fun. Anyhoo...the last day of our weekend in DC was spent at all of the Gap Co.'s stores using their Gap Give & Get Program discount. Oh yeah, it was also spent being there to mutilate pierce our niece's ears!

With that being said...we did put our two cents in that it would be better for Talia to get them now while she's not so squirmy & so she won't remember this traumatic experience. Kaia got her's around this age too...and like my sister & brother...I hated it. BUT...our BFFs (the Martinos) & Sean did convince me that it would be better now versus later. Yet, how could I do that to my smiling, happy daughter??

It was deja vu being there for Talia...but I was comforted in knowing that this would be less painful for all right now versus later. Again, Yi-jeung (Uncle Sean) would be the strong, comforting arms to protect you.

Poor unsuspecting little mohawked cutie. We picked pink crystals to avoid any gender-confusion. Yet, after all was said and done with her pink earrings, pink outfit, & pink blanket...someone asked my sister if that was her son or daughter. one can rock that mohawk like your beautiful little self.

Oh please forgive us, Baby Girl.

Self-soothe, Baby..self-soothe.


giles said...

what a cutie. how old is she right now? how fast was the ear-piercing procedure?

btw, your sister is 30? why did i think she was like 25?

Tanya said...

She's almost 6.5 months old now! The procedure was super fast...just like getting vaccinations. It definitely helps that she wasn't as wiggly. Kaia was wigglier and that makes things a lot more difficult.

Yup...the big 30! She just looks super-young which is a pain now...but she'll be loving life when she looks ridiculously younger than everyone when she's middle-aged!