I. Love. Military. Medicine.

Okay...not really. I don't love that Kaia had some freak accident and broke her ankle while hopping to the bus afterschool last Friday...HOPPING. I wrapped her ankle after seeing it was bruised and a bit swollen and we headed up to DC for her belated birthday party. So, the morning of her belated party, Sean takes her to the ER at Nat'l Naval Medical Center (yes, the same one the US Presidents often go to...formerly known as Bethesda Naval Medical Center). After an admitted mix-up at the front desk and a myriad of other people go in front of her that came way after her, she gets seen and is eventually released with a sprained ankle....a mildly sprained ankle.

We get home a little after midnight Monday morning only to find that the docs @ NNMC left us a message to call them back in reference to Kaia's x-rays. So, 36 hours after she is released, I call to find out that our daughter, who had been hopping on one-leg when she wasn't being carried around...more hopping than anything and in an uber-protective Ace bandage, had FRACTURED her ankle.

What's more...the doc was calling to set up an appointment for a cast...which was surprising considering Kaia was released with a sprain. He wondered if she was still getting around on crutches that were given to her, but I reminded him that none were given to her since they said she was too small for them.

Anyhoo...long story short, our 6-year old is a super trooper and you wouldn't even know that she was injured except for the chronic one-leg hop she utilized all weekend-long to get around. I'm just pretty ticked that a hospital would release a child with a sprain only to find out that she has a fracture along her growth plate that could potentially stunt her growth or lead to other problems if not treated aggressively. Nice. I'm also ticked that despite the efforts made to call our home in VA Beach twice (2100 & 2200), no one bothered to call my husband's cell since we were out of town in DC. Double Nice.

When I look at her, how I can not get super-protective? Especially since she doesn't complain or victimize herself!!!!


Melis said...

Aw, Tanya! I don't know who my heart goes out to more: you or her! She's such a strong kiddo it seems - I bet she's doing great but as a Mommy you've gotta be torn up and your protective instinct has to be in high-gear! Grrrr, I'd be so mad! At least it seems like you're back on track... anything I can do?

Tanya said...

She's definitely a strong kid! This girl has had two surgeries for her tear duct, a ridiculously horrific experience @ the docs when she was two that included getting a catheter to get a clean urine sample, and now this...she's pretty frikkin' amazing. Yeah, I'm def still worried about if this injury is going to have long-term effects on her. We'll see the ped. ortho doc in 2 weeks and hopefully I can get some reassurance on that end. Thank you for the offer, but we're good. If you're up for a get-together next week...let me know!

liza said...

She's the coolest little chica. Look at her with her hot pink cast. On another note, I guess that you can drive yourself crazy and want to go postal on the clinic...AND WItHIN REASON!!!! But her guardian angel was watching over her. They caught it and that makes all the difference.