Master P

No, not the's my new title for today.  P as in PROCRASTINATION!!  It's nearly 2am or 0200 and I'm now into the last day reviewing scholarships...and doing laundry.  I've been volunteering for the past few years and this year hasn't been up to par...that is, I haven't been up to par.  I've definitely hauled some serious tookus this past week and am reviewing my 123rd application.  Other than my procrastination, I seriously can't complain.  I've read some applications written by some amazing individuals and it's a constant reminder that I live a very good life...very.  Although the pool I've had so far isn't as impressive as past years, I do hope some of my applicants score one of the scholarships.

My little treat and incentive...a Nikon D90.  BUT...that is contingent on me scoring @ least 150 apps.  Totally doable...if I focus.  I've been eyeing this little investment for quite some time and with my little stinkers growing like crazy...I need to capture as many moments as I can.

Anyhoo...I will definitely do a better update soon.  Especially since the biggest news is Sean FINALLY got relieved as the WEPS last Friday.  FINALLY.

More on that with bad photos (another reason why I need a DSLR with a good lens to take better indoor photos)...


Melis said...

Girl, you wear so many hats and are such a great mom, it's okay to procrastinate a little bit. Heck, I don't even have time to volunteer right now, let alone feel bad about not doing it in a timely fashion!

OH! And congratulations on Kaia! I'm taking her with me, by the way, to Tennessee. I really adore your daughter. So does Jack, actually. He asks for your kids often. Cute!

And I was doing some research into that Nikon versus the Canon I want (Rebel Xti/500D) and I'm thinking of switching over... Dun dun dun! You'll have to let me know how you like it!

Next time we have the boys together, we should have a weird food party - octopus and kale and strange cheeses and funky fruits... Betcha they'd both eat more than they do in a week.

Mrs. Sanchez said...

awww, procrastinating is a biggy for me too. I get so stressed, I don't know what to do. oop. do nothing.

Anyways I found you via FF and am following. Follow back at

Kinsey said...

Procrastination is my middle name! But if I had that many applications to go through...yikes!

Tanya said...

M...weird food party it is! We have to make sure to see y'all more before you leave. Waaaah...I don't want to think about it!! Switching DSLRs....ooooh la la! Your Canon takes some beautiful photos right now though! But yeah...I'm looking for the best deals right now and should have it soon.

Mrs Sanchez...thank you for visiting!

Kinsey...are we related?? ;o) I got a brief reprieve on reading since the system crashed or something for 2 days. ;o)