Mom n' Me Monday

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My wonderful friend Melissa over @ The Zookeeper's Diary (a must visit if you haven't already) participated in Julie's (from The Peanut Gallery...exit here...also a must read) Mom n' Me Monday.  A fantastic idea if A) you're a Mom and B) you're the sole photographer in the family.

So, since I thought my kids were destined to grow up wondering where Mom was during all their trips, important times, and just hanging out...I guess I'll start having some proof that I wasn't just their personal chef and photographer.  

Not that I mind...but maybe it'll be nice to see myself years from now and think "Wow, you look pretty good as your pre-Botox-Juvaderm-Restalyn self!"


I have enough on my plate to worry about what bad things I'll pass along to my daughter, I don't want (body) image issues to be one of them.

So, since I don't know when was the last time I took a photo with my kids (which almost always involves you seeing my arms outstretched as I hold the camera)'s one with Kaia, my eldest, taken while goofing off with our brand new toy (an iMac) in October '09.

I swear...this girl freakin' rocks.  She's got an empathetic heart of gold.  A sense of humor that is beyond her years.  A memory that's going to bite me in the butt in a few years...

And a smile that continually melts my heart and reminds me why it's so awesome to be her mom.


Julie said...

Love your post. Very cool picture.
What is it about kids and their memories?? I seriously have kids with the brains of elephants. THE NEVER FORGET a thing I say. (well, except when it comes to cleaning their rooms, and picking up their junk! ha) Selective memory, I guess!

Thanks for participating. I love Melissa's blog too. ;)

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

i saw a mommy and me post for the first time on someone else's blog tonight. what a great idea! i can't wait to make my own post. You and your daughter are just adorable...I love that cool picture!