Celebrating by making Whoopie...

Whoopie PIES...gutter-mind.

Sean's one two week-long turnover is nearing the end.  This is a change for him since his turnover when he was the PWEPS was 3 DAYS. also gave me a chance to try out MORE recipes and for him to take the results to the boat.

It's been nice to be the "wardroom mom".  It's that big sister thing in's also that I-want-to-sharpen-my-baking-skills-and-not-suffer-a-heart-attack-while-doing-so thing.  ;o)  I hope I'm not screwing up the boat's PRTs!

Anyway, the boys got peanut butter whoopie pies today and they were devoured within 10 minutes of Sean arriving on the boat.  The XO was considering lengthening Sean's tour so the boat will stay well-fed.  HAHAHAHA.  But, we're lucky...the XO will be Sean's XO in the fall.  Awesome!  He's a great guy and is going to be a kick-a$$ CO.

So, if you're hankering for some peanut butter chocolate pies...head on over to my food blog!  Man, if we do decide to have another kid here soon...I can kiss these baking days GOODBYE.  Till I bake.

One more day.


Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

whoopie pies are awesome! great recipe and great blog! I'm glad you found me and now I'm following you!

無聊嚕 said...
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Sonia said...

I so wish I had your metabolism! Can I just be you for a day??? I clicked over to take a look at those whoopie pies and I gained two pounds! THANKS!hehehehe

furygirl3132 said...

I have never had Whoopie Pies but they sound delicious! Happy Friday Follow! Just dropping by to say hello and that I am a new follower. Have a wonderful weekend!


Tanya said...

Michelle...yay! Loving your blog and can't wait to see more food posts! I totally am itching to try those coconut buns!

Sonia...girl, my metabolism went south in college. Plus, the trick is to send most of the goodies to the boat with Sean. Except, he's no longer attached to the boat and on leave. WAAAAAAAHHHH.

Eloise...thank you for stopping by!!