P90X...kiss my rump.

Hahahaha....JK. The hubs has been dying to do this darn P90X program that he's seen on the infomercials for the past few months. By seeing...I literally mean the man watches the infomercials like real t.v. shows. Even the kids know what P90X is. HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyhoo...seeing how this fine piece of perfection that he married is...I figured, I'll humor him by doing it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This poor body of mine has not seen exercise since college and is DYING. Shoot...I started falling apart in my 20s and I directly attribute that to lack of exercise.


So, we'll see how long we keep up with it. We're both not the ideal body shape we'd like to be. I want muscle definition back and to lose some extra LBs of fat that I've accumulated over the years...slowly replacing all that atrophied muscle. Sean would like to lose the extra fat and get more cut. My man's already nice and buff...*sigh* His only downfall is way too big/many portions of my cooking...and his *mealing* habits. Mealing is what I call his snacking...except you can tell by my term his portion sizes. ;o) At least I cook uber-healthy (fresh, loads of veggies, high in fiber, lots of unsaturated fats, no trans fats, etc.)! I shudder to think what we'd look like on a different diet. Eek!

The only place I've managed to lose weight over the past 5 years is up north...somewhere below my neck and above my stomach. I love my kids and wouldn't change the fact that they were both breastfed for a year...but man, did they do a number on the itty bitties I once had. Now, I am the proud owner of just nipples and no breast tissue. Sorry for the TMI. Then again, if you know know I'm always no-holds-barred on everything...honesty...brutal honesty. Anyhoo...if you see me, know that it's 100% Victoria's Secret....100%. If we add a third child to the mix, I'm probably looking at concave boobies! HOORAY! *sigh*'s already been a nice week of muscle soreness and the expected DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness...that, Kids, is something from my kinesiology days). But, we've been doing more outdoorsy stuff and not just staying at home (even though we SHOULD stay at home since *surprise, surprise*...we still have boxes to unpack and lots of stuff to do around the CLEANING IT). But, I like us being good role models for the kids by working out since they're going to grow up loving food...and they're high metabolism genes will only last so long.

I hurt...and I love it.

Thank you for the help with the dress. I actually went boring and ordered it in black. I figured I'll have this dress forever and probably will end up passing it down to Kaia one day! Hahahaha. Now, I'm just paying the waiting game!


Ben Lau said...

i'm starting a new program too. will post weekly progress. there are so many diet/exercise plans. the only way to find out if they're legit is to use my body as the subject.

will post shortly :)

and ya, a bit tmi on the ittie bitties, lol.

ronee said...

great now i have to buy that stuff..i hear it is amazing! good luck!