Preps & Apologies

Two explanations for the photos above.
1. Sorry for the narcissitic moments! These were a necessity since I was going to have to send these to my sister for a fashionista consult. Sean's no help...I love the man, but he's no help in this department.
2. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't use my Gorillapod & set the timer! What a dodo.

It's the eve of our first, and probably last, sub ball. Mom is down and will watch the kiddies. I got my dress (black...and I'm doing a one-shouldered variation) this past Tuesday and have been playing around with different looks. Sean had to buy a new uniform since made he better get some use out of it in the future!!!!

I couldn't believe I was wasting time doing things like practicing my hair & makeup when I could've been spending time with my hubby. Good thing is, I did spend time with him afterwards doing P90X. Bad thing, any gains from P90X were obliterated this evening at the sushi buffet. ;o) Then again, I feel more relaxed going into tomorrow knowing what I'm going to do and just having to worry about making sure Mom & the kiddies are set for the evening....I premade the lasagna & garlic mix for the bread today. Yea-uh! I guess the hair & makeup practice and pre-making tomorrow night's meal are unlike me!!! ;o)

Anyway...I had to choose between the two looks and the one with the bangs out of my face won because my hubby doesn't like bangs. ;o) I'll humor him this time...tee hee hee.

Oh...and apologies are in order for the following parties:

Poetic Wax: I am so sorry I made you work so hard to wax the jungle that were my pits.

Venus Razor: I totally apologize that you had to be dragged through the forest that was on my legs.

Toe nails: I am sorry you are part of me. I will try to take better care of you. Ok, I won't...there are other things more important to me...sorry!! But, you know I show you some love like 2-3x/year! ;o)

On a positive note, I'd like to send a shout out to my Mom for not only being here, but giving me part of your hairless (ok, barely-has-any-body-hair genes)...I would've had to replace the blade on my razor for each leg if it weren't for your genes.

TMI again? You're welcome.



LY said...

hah. i'll have time to do my nails AT MOST once a month. and everytime, the hubs will ask who are you trying to look good for??? -_-

the rare times mothers have to take care of themselves. he will never understand.

. Becca . said...

Haha, love the dress. I like the bangs too. Shhh, don't tell your hubs.

Also, you look like Lucy Liu. I happen to think she's gorgeous. ;)

AndreaLeigh said...

love the pictures! the dress is gorgeous. hopefully you will share the pics of the actual night. have fun at the ball!

Ellyn said...

You are one hot mama! Yow!

Liza said...

Okay, between you and Giovanna I'm screwed.

I vote for look number 1. The bangs in the face will get annoying after a while and messy after a few whirls around the dance floor. I think. You guys are going to look so good. Have a blast! We're not going this year. We're prepping like crazy. Catch you later.

Liza said...

I just looked at the date, sorry. I hope you had a great night. What look did you go with?

ronee said...

its amazing how little hair my grandma and my mom wish i got that traits! i agree with the bangs and you totally look like lucy liu. charlies angels....
love you girlie

pheak-pheak said...

you look stunning!!I like both looks..Dont forget to share pics of the actual ball.