Yeah, I think I'm crazy. Well...that I've always known...but it seems that I always like to put more on my plate than I can handle...except for food, 'cause I can literally put a lot on my plate and handle that bad boy with no problem...thank you Li genes for big appetites and high metabolisms (except mine is definitely a lot more sluggish nowadays...lack of exercise doesn't help)!! ;o)

Take for instance, gearing up to move, Hubby's out to sea, Xmas is, I decide to MAKE Xmas presents instead of doing my usual ordering ( Prime...I LOVE YOU). Yeah...seriously? It started with these for our neices:

I was pretty proud of 'em since they were 100% handmade/designed/ someone who is now 100% not crafty. I used to be artsy when I was a kid, but that took a backseat as I grew older. was part of a kit I put together. THEN...I really liked it and wanted to do it for our other neice who is like a big sister to Kaia...and of course since they're like sisters, they have to have the same then I had to make one for Kaia (poor thing is still waiting for hers since I ran out of trim for the apron). Jaida also got a halter that's like Kaia's sub halter. Of course, since I was doing an apron for the girls...I couldn't be gender-biased with the aprons and not make one for their brothers!! Boys gotta learn how to cook as much as girls! Equal opportunity is our motto. Also, I can't claim all the credit for the sub shirts...the kids painted them for their "siblings"...the Martinos!

This (Jaida's tank)... modeled after these the kids made in the summer...

...and this (Kaia's dolphin tank that she waited on me for FOREVER to make):

Anyhoo...Jaron's birthday party is this weekend in DC. We're having it early so my neice (who's birth date is supposed to be in mid-May) does not crash the party early. I want her to ripen up as much as possible in my sister's uterus!!! ;o) LOVE YOU, TALIA!! I've made two cakes and going to make two batches of cupcake lollipops. Jenn can thank me later. This girl can single handedly eat an entire batch of these lollipops...and I make over 50 per batch and these bad boys are not small. However...Jenn Shih is tiny and can pack 'em away like no other! ;o) I *heart* you, Jenn!

Here's a teaser of the lollipops...

So, as I waste my time in this wasteland called the's off to make these lollipops, bake two more cakes from SCRATCH...none of that boxed-mix crap), two batches of buttercream, two desserts, run errands, 5 loads of laundry (2 down, 3 to go), and PACK!!

Yet, it's so worth it. Doing things from the heart for people we's worth it. I LOVE CELEBRATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA oh tanya.. i <3 u!! How can i not eat so many of those?? They are SOOO delicious i want to learn how to make them too! AND those shirts and aprons are so adorable. You have some real talent there! I cant wait to see you all in JUST 2 days for Jaron's party!!

. Becca . said...

That tank is SOOOOO sweet! Girlfriend's got a crafty side! I never knew ;) Love it!

Ellyn said...

Seriously, you put us mommies to shame! You are so the uber super mom!!! Love your craftiness/baking skills. Can't wait to see you!

Liza said...

You harnessed your inner craft goddess. Love what you did for the family...the tanks are the cutest and the pops are mouthwatering. Love it all!

Tanya said...

Jenn...did you get enough to eat??'s pseudo-craftiness. ;o)

Ellyn...awwww, thank you...but I'd love to be as creative as you!!! I can't wait to meet my neice...who has a super mommy already!!

Liza...thank you!! How's Super Mom/Wife doing?

Jennifer said...

lol Tan, i grabbed 10 them but i havent eaten any yet! i DID put them straight in the frig tho so i'm gonna chomp down on them tomorrow when i go back to the Yuans house! hahaha and i <3'd that chocolate cake mmmmmMMmm so yummyy u cook/bake so well! and yes, i was stuffed leaving the partay!