The annual Submarine Ball is quickly approaching and the Hubs and I will finally be making our first, and possibly, our last Sub Ball ever. Yup...our first AND last.

Sean has been in the sub community now for 9 years (11ish, if you count enlisted time) Navy time 12 years. He's towards the end of his department head tour now and is considering transfering to the EDO (engineering duty officer) community. I have mixed feelings abotu the change, but ultimately, it boils down to what's best for our fam in the long run and Sean's happiness too. We'll see what happens...we still don't know. Being the researcher of this fam...I still want to know more info!!

Anyhoo...with that being said. Girlfriend needs a dress. I've been eyeing this dress from Etsy (which I started looking into after seeing that Becca was so addicted to it). It's always nice to support designers directly rather than some huge conglomerate. The dress I'm eyeing is crazy versatile. I. Love. It.

It's called the Chameleon Dress by Isadora Clothing. You can totally change it up and make it strapless, sleeveless, shortsleeved, etc.

Like this:
or this:

Now I have to choose a darn color & order it by Friday!! I think I narrowed the colors down to Dark Teal and Black. ARGH! I was considering dusty pink & charcoal...but maybe just between the teal & black to make it easier? I think teal would look good, but would I eventually tire of the color? Black is boring, but basic and I know I'll get good use out of this dress. ARGH! ARGH! ARGH!!

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need opinions!

BTW...I just realized how awful my hair color is in the above photo. YIKES! Time for a new photo!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress!

Liza said...

I LOVE this dress + the color in the picture. it looks like eggplant . it going to look great with your complexion. the first view is my fav look. I can't believe it's your first ball. they are actually really fun. make sure you go with some good buds. you are going to look stunning in it.

going have some friends that have just transferred into the community. they seem fairly pleased. maybe, you know them. the nawaras...stationed in HI.

good luck with decisions...dress + career!

it's back to the beach.

ronee said...

I think the teal would look FANTASTIC on you! And EDO..that is our next choice. Ryan already has his paper ready to be submitted after this. we should submit at the same time..and hit Monterrey together!

. Becca . said...

OMG Tanya! That dress is GORGEOUS! And from ETSY!!!! I seriously love love love it!

I really like the color in the pictures! I'm sure you'd look gorgeous in anything though. You could look stunning in a burlap bag, lol!

I'm sorry you ended up getting the crud. :( I hope you feel better soon!

Love love!