Fay & Vindication

As I take a break from preparing the fam for anything from a major power outage to needing to evacuate because of Torpical Storm/Hurricane Fay, I find myself needing to post the article that I had wanted to post yesterday.

Cheerleading's Risky Lack of Rules

I love it. Notice, how is says cheerleading is a SPORT!!! Yup...a sport. FINALLY. Anyhoo...I like the article and am reminded about my broken radial neck that required me to have a pin inserted in my elbow for 2 months (surgery #1) and for the torn ACL that required surgery #2...all from cheering. Ahhhhhhhh...old high school injuries...hahahaha. Anyway, I do miss the days of being fit...75 push-ups (I did the regular ones, not the wussy ones), running a mile, 75-100 sit-ups, 50 leg-lifts, stretching, kicks, jumps...and this was all warm-ups! *sigh*

Mom left yesterday...which is great since she missed the upcoming bad weather (hopefully bad is the best word to describe it and not an understatement) but bad since if we need to evacuate, it'll be fun stuff fleeing with my 4 kids. Did I mention I only outweigh Jax by 20lbs & Rems by 30lbs?

Alrighty...back to the grind of preps. Lanai has been cleared and furniture/grill moved. My poor baby (the Weber) has flown off of on deck and one lanai. She's secure now. =D Alrighty....PEACE!

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