Germs, Viruses, Bacteria...Oh MY!

So, since January the total count of infections have been 3 colds and a stomach virus (a nasty one that was luckily short-lived but managed to incapacitate almost the entire wardroom).

Daddy's leaving to escort another boat leaving the shipyard and it comes at a good time...SIKE! I'm trying to get ready for my sister's shower in DC this weekend and just praying that we'll know definitively his schedule so that I can plan on traveling with or without him. I'm not going to lie and say that it's harder to get myself, the kids, and the big dogs ready for traveling...because it's actually easier. I don't know if it's a military spouse/single parent thing or what...but when you have to depend on yourself to do things, they get done quicker. HAHAHAHA. Then again, Mr. Muscles is definitely some much appreciated brawn and eye candy. Tee hee hee.

Anyhoo...regardless, this week is all about shopping, prepping, and baking for my neice's impending arrival and even with this amount of work...I couldn't be happier. Plus, I got my two turkeys to keep me on my toes and wit's end...oops, I mean...;o)

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. Becca . said...

Yay! You sound happy happy!
Glad glad!

In the "W" household, things do {not} get done faster during a deployment. But that's just how we roll. ;)