How could watching the coverage of this NOT bring a tear to your eye? Hearing the moments leading up to the meeting with N. Korean leaders and Bill Clinton emotionally described by Laura Ling got me so teary-eyed...then coupled with watching Euna Lee holding her 4-year old daughter after a 4-month awesome.

Definitely the military spouse in me can empathize on some level with Euna Lee reuniting with her spouse and daughter after almost 1/3 a year. BUT...I cannot fully empathize since these two journalists were almost sent to hard labor camps for 12 years!!! I cannot imagine living everyday not knowing when you'd be sent to these camps and for Euna not to be able to see her daughter until she was a teenager.

This is just a great time. I'm so glad it turned out like fellow journalist Roxana Saberi's outcome. Congratulations to the families and great job to all parties involved in securing the release of these women!

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