Argh....I think.

So, we might be going up to DC for our follow-on tour. Fabulous, right? Why am I not so happy? Oh yeah...because now we have to worry about tenants for TWO HOUSES instead of just one. This one-income is starting to hurt too just thinking about it. I would also love to go to grad school...both as self-fulfillment and DEFINITELY as a backup for our fam. But, then again, it'd be like I was out to sea for 2 years while we're in DC and a lot harder on the fam too. At least we have lots of help up there, but we're also not good about asking for it.

Anyway....babble, babble, babble. Anyone interested in renting a beautiful 4BD/3BA house in a gated, golf community in Fernandina Beach, FL? Did I mention we'll be up in Norfolk (for ~6 mos.) before we head up to DC?? Yeah...oh, and we're SO not even close to getting started on our move/getting-our-house-rented process down here. Yup...SCREWED, I tell ya.

With that...I'm going to take my weekly shower. ;o)

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