I find that the older I get, the more need I have for lists. I used to rely on this lil' old noggin to do the jobby job for me...but that is NO LONGER the case. If you've had a recent conversation with me, you'd find the violent subject changes are worse than ever.

Somehow I need to figure out what's a good schedule and how I can add more hours to the day...any suggestions? Ideally, more hours would be preferable during sleepy time hours since 1) I'm a night person and 2) the house is nice and QUIET. ;o)

So, the need is to balance (and in no particular order): studying for the GRE which is less than 4 weeks away, grad apps, homeschooling the K-ster, getting the house ready to rent, getting the house AND fam ready to move next month, holiday preps (gifts & maybe cards this year...we've taken a few years hiatus), and yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I'd like to fit in some workouts here and there...and wanted to use my all-time fave workout DVD: Workout: One-on-One Training with Jackie Warner. Seriously...20 minutes, sweaty, sore...good stuf. Even the Hubs gets sweaty and thinks its tough. If you know the know that man is in good shape and doesn't look like he'd tire easily. Too bad the Hubs left the DVD in Mom's DVD player in MARYLAND!! Hahahahaha. Anyhoo...this DVD is great if you don't have much time in your schedule and/or can't leave the house and/or too embarassed to go to the gym and/or just believe every word I'm saying. ;o) The only downside to it...not enough adequate stretching. There are no glute stretches for the lower body workout and it is very glute-intensive.

Anyhoo...atrophy of the brain and muscles...good stuff. See how I've deviated from my topic? Hahahaha...alrighty...back to the grind.

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{ Becca } said...

Ahhh, you sound like me! I also LOVE my nights, I wish I didn't have to sleep at all, actually. Lol! Love the name of you blog, too. Adding you to my list :)