3 Weeks

Here is my checklist for my next three weeks...
  • Take the GRE...again (still a bit bitter about my expired GRE)
  • Finish Grad Apps
  • Homeschool
  • Start, finish, & mail Xmas gifts
  • Hire a property manager/realtor
  • Exercise....ok, this most likely will not happen...hahaha...*sigh*
  • Get the house rented
  • Move
  • Be a good mom, wife, sibling. daughter, friend.

Good thing is, our tenants are moving out of our home in VA Beach and we don't have to divide our stuff between what goes into our next place and what goes into storage. Now EVERYTHING goes with us. *phew* Definitely a few less stresses there!

Exactly 3 more weeks and we'll be moving from the Deep South to the start of the South-ish (although MD is considered the South, but Southerners always have a good chuckle about that...Mason-Dixon line...look it up people). ;o)

Anyhoo...moving company rep comes tomorrow to start estimating our pack-out. I say to him/her...GOOD LUCK WITH THAT...HAHAHAHAHAHA. Our place is a vortex.



{ Becca } said...

Jeez, you're busy!

The GRE's arent' bad. :) Been there. I forgot Kelly said the boat was going to VA, for some reason I thought that was supposed to be a while ago.

Well, good luck with it. I'm going to work some art ;)

Ellyn said...

Breathe, lovely mama... ah-hee,ah-hee, ah-hee, ah-whooooo... hehehe, some lamaze for ya. Hang in there and tackle things one by one... and if you can't get to all, fuhgetaboutit. xo