My updated checklist:
  • Take the GRE...again...DONE (albeit not the strong scores I wanted, good, but not strong)
  • Finish Grad Apps...DONE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Homeschool...been squeezing in time and feeling better about myself! ;o)
  • Start, finish, & mail Xmas gifts...starting, finished on some, and then will be ready to mail
  • Hire property manager/realtor...I'm in the process
  • Get the house rented....errrrrr
  • Exercise...does one bike ride count?
  • Move...instead of this week, it's in a few weeks
  • Travel...need to find time to fit in

So, it's kinda hard to plan things when your spouse isn't here. Ahhhh, the life of the Naval submariner & his fam. It's great to have an absence of plans or just lots of fluidity in your planning. Whatever...this is move #6 in 6 years. It's allllll good. Even though it's smack dab in the middle of's all gooooood. We still probably have one more move next year making it 7 in 6.5 years! YIPPEEEE!

Also, CLEAN HOUSE should be on the checklist...but I don't want to give myself a hernia while laughing. ;o)

With that, Imma gonna do some laundy (one of the few cleaning things I like to do) and bake. Yup. See how my priorities go?

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.Becca. said...

Snaps to you and your list.

Cleaning is on my list to. That makes me laugh so hard I can't even breathe. :)