Thanks, Turkey.

So, Turkey Day was FAB-U-LOUS!!! We ate the our communiity clubhouse and literally had the best TD meal of our lives...and I've had PLENTY o' great TD meals in my life. I am literally still dreaming of the turkey (w/the gravy...and I'm not much of a gravy person), mashed potatoes, creamed corn, flounder w/cream sauce, and the list goes on...mmmmmmmm. Oh, let's not talk about cookies & the other desserts too. Mmmmmmmm.

Anyway, what a day & time to be thankful. We're almost out of here, and that's a bittersweet it always is when leaving areas we've lived in. I'll definitely miss our neighbors, our neighborhood, home, friends, favorite restaurants, weather, etc. I won't miss the sub-par schools and lack of diversity. Speaking was great to see throughout the year how our lovely underserved community of First Americans (formerly Native Americans formerly Indians formerly Injuns) were depicted. Kaia had been dressed up as a First American during one of her summer camps performances and I was just mortified. People still do that?? I guess so. Since then, I've seen other little kids with the same feathered headband and other garments making them First Americans too. Just lots of misconceptions and stereotypes floating around. I shudder to think how other ethnic-specific holidays/months are celebrated down here. Luckily, I am more than sure that APIA Heritage Month is not celebrated or mentioned down here. ;o)

So, I was on Angry Asian Man's blog and found this hilarious video:

Oh yeah, speaking of, I had to cite him when getting into this spirited conversation with an older cousin of mine about youths of color and the whole use of derogatory words against their community and reclaiming it/them as a source of empowerment. I directed him towards the entry about John McCain and his prior and PUBLIC use of the racial epithet "Gook" and how a very well-known APIA poet Bao Phi used this reclamation in a constructive way. Anyway, I would love to forward that out to certain relatives of our's...;o)

Alrighty...back to the grind.

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