So, we said goodbye to the buffest member of our fam today from an old fort at one of the local state parks. I was informed by said buff member of our fam that our move date (in two weeks) will have to be rescheduled...AGAIN. We also pray for the safety of said buff member and the rest of the crew...and for the sanity of their families that are in the middle of moving and/or getting settled into our new homeport....which was our old homeport. Hahahahaha.

Yay. I hope we can make it to DC by Xmas.

Surprisingly, this darn military life has hardened me and I'm just rolling with the punches. The only actual stress I feel is GETTING THIS HOUSE RENTED!!!

I'm posting on this afternoon.

And what! ;o)


.Becca. said...

Buff is a funny word, when you think about it. It doesn't sound like it should mean what it does. Maybe because it rhymes with puff?


Tanya said...

Hahahaha. I think all words are funny when you say them over and over and then they just sound like nonsense. ;o) I guess that train of thought also got me interested on babies & language acquisition.