In the Homestretch...

Wow, I cannot believe our time here in FL is finally coming to an end. Although Sean's still got a bit left of his dept. head tour, we are almost done. Sean's boat already changed it's homeport. So, he's been up in VA since last week. I've got the movers coming to pack us up this Thursday and then they'll load on Friday. Sean'll join us Friday night. I was a bit freaked about doing everything by myself, managing packers/movers, the 4 kiddies, and my sanity. But, Sean came in this weekend and we got a few things done. We're flying Mom down Wednesday to watch the kids while I take care of bidness with the packers/movers. *whew* Still doing basically everything by myself, but I'm good with the decision now. At least we'll be in DC by Xmas. AND...this is the first winter holiday season we've had with Sean since 2005!!!! YAY!

I'll leave you with one of our blooper shots from our 2008 Lee-Espiritu Fam Annual Holiday Photo That Will Probably Not Go Out In The Mail...AGAIN. ;o) Yes, my big puppy is a crotch-sniffer...and has no shame/qualms about it. It's our annual holiday photo that shows my husband with an extremely pained/irritated look since he has to wrangle the dogs and the kids while I set up the camera & shot (luckily we had a tripod this year)...and yet, not really since I usually have to wrangle the biggest Mama's kids...Remi (the chubby pit who is trans-species...she's really feline) and Jaron. This was off-centered and Jax was sniffing my bidness and well, it was only take #1. Just FYI, Sean's smile has never changed in these holiday shots. HAHAHAHAHA....poor guy.

There are definitely parts of FL that I will miss and this pool is definitely one of them! ;o) Not too mention the 70-degree weather that we'll be having this week! ;o)


.Becca. said...

Hahahahaha! I LOVE that picture! Is that your house? It's gorgeous, wherever you are. :)

I'm SO annoyed with the mail. This is ridiculous. I just hope it makes its way back to me, somehow. Grrr.

I mean, really!? WTF is up!? Lol!

pheak-pheak said...

you are too funny!I love the photo!! Too bad we never got to visit you in Florida!

Tanya said...

Becca, the photo is at the clubhouse in our's so bougie. Hahahaha. Sometimes we feel SOOOOOOO out of place...young and not ballers like the old rich people here. HAHAHAHA. USPS...yeah, I hate them. ARGH!!! It's ok...I'm sure I'll get it in FEBRUARY!! ;o) I'm going to try to find sometime right after the move and see if my PO actually has it...those bastards.

Sopheak...I know...y'all should've visited!! BOOOOOOOOOO! Well, maybe if we get stationed here again, you can visit...with your 18 children...;o) Then you'll have to deal with Crotch Sniffer.

Em said...

Girlfriend, please think of me when you're in DC. I'm homesick somethin fierce! Be sure to hit up a 5 Guys and have a greasy ol burger just for moi :)


Ellyn said...

That is the best family photo ever! LOLOL!