Man, my puppy is a turkey...but I love him. He's also technically not a puppy since he's a little over 3 years old now. I also love the fact that he protects us and we need that when Sean's out to sea.

Today, the UPS man nearly pooped his shorts as he was booking it back to his truck. Nevermind the fact I was outside and Jax was inside...albeit barking his head off like Kujo in a way that said "Back up from this house and my mama!". Thanks, Jax. I love you. Remi, I still love you even though you are really our cat in a pit bull skin. 9 years old and slowing down, but still the sweetest girl ever.

Navy life has blessed us with keeping us from putting Kaia into 3 different schools in one year. Found out that Sean finally has a replacement lined up (he'll be graduating SOAC...sub officer dept. head school...@ the end of September) and will be rotating off in February/March. He'll most likely be doing a post-DH tour in Norfolk. It'll be nice to stay put and fix this darn house up.

Although we could've gone to DC, I didn't want to move again...mainly because I didn't want Kaia entering 3 different schools within one year. Also, 2 homes also does not afford us to buy a home in the DC area....hahahahahaha. It's nice to be close to The Fam but in an area close to the beach (you know, the beach we're so good at visiting....pu-hahahaha) and in a house with an amaing backyard...just mind the waterfowl poop.

Now...just on to deciding...#3, grad school, yes/no, when...

Oops...can't sign off without wishing the hottest WEPS on the USS TN a special shout-out!!


LY said...

#3? how about a #4 and #5? :)

Tanya said...

I'm have the wrong blog. HAHAHAHAHA. Girl...we're done @ 3...4 is obscene for us...5...let's not even go there. Although, if you have 4 or 5...I'd LOVE IT!!! ;o) It's so nice to be an aunt...tee hee hee.

liza said...

Aaahhh! someone's been hit with the baby bug...what out. I promise not to post too many baby pics...LOL!!!!!

Tanya said...

Yeah, Liza...those photos are definitely making my ovaries hurt!!!