This is my puppy Jax. He just turned 2 this past May, which makes him more of a toddler now. ;o) Hopefully, if anyone were to try something funny with us or our house, he would be known as "Oh Sh*t!" Seriously, if it weren't for Jax, I'd be paralyzed with fear right now. But this 100 lb. beast means bidness. And what?!?!

Jax completed his obedience and protection training with Carrie Silva & Ivan Balabanov of The Doghouse LLC in Plant City, FL. When we move from this area and if we ever need a dog or ever need to train him/her, you better bet I'd send him/her back down to Carrie & Ivan. They are the shiznitz!! They also breed world class Belgian Malinois and I found this on one of their pages! =)

Anyhoo...yeah. I love my big puppy (Jaron's nickname for him) and still love my old lady Remi too (or "Little Puppy" as Jaron refers to her too). My kids love 'em too...the most important part of all!


Ben Lau said...

holy crap, that's one big dog!!!

your 100 lb dog looks alot bigger than my 100 lb dog!

german shepherd?

Linda Nguyen-Yuan said...

I'm sure you're waaaay buffer. You're three up on me with an extra kid and two huge dogs. Craziness.