Because I'm a Woman of Leisure

HAHAHAHAHAHA...schyeah rioght!!! I'm not all over the place in this blog, I've started my food blog. I'll cheat and make my first post, my gaucamole post. Yeah, baby! food blog is here.

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Ellyn said...

Hi hottie mama, I'm going to blog stalk you right back b/c I love following up on your lovely little family. I miss you even more now and wish we were closer so I could ask you questions about my ever-changing preggo body and parenting. This will have to do for now, yes, until we cross paths again? Rey and I are super impressed with Sean for making LCMR! Go Sean, he must be doing something good! ;) If R had 4 or 5 more years in him for the Navy, he prob. woulda made it that far, kekeke. Now he's a civi. Please send Sean our high-fives, Mama Lee a big hug and the little ones a squeeze. Ohh, and I wouldn't recommend Dumbo for super movie nights... I cried the other day watching it. :)