How the fart are you going to keep quiet about an attempted abduction in your neighborhood when you could be warning other parents to stay vigilant with their kids??? I just dropped by and talked to the gate guard on the way in and he was shocked that I had heard about it. He's not supposed to comment on the situation and was surprised that I knew. WTF? He said that he and the Nassau County Sheriff's Dept. are working hard to get these guys (apparently it was two guys) and increasing patrol of our neighborhood. BUT...everything was supposed to be on the DL. The gate guard is frikkin' useless since our gatehouse/guard is more for prestige than for security. Plus, the gatehouse is only occupied during certain hours...something those predators obviously already know.

Again, WTF?!?!?!

If I hadn't heard about it from my friend in the development across the road, I wouldn't have remembered about that shady arse pickup truck two weeks ago (to the day) driving down my street and, now I realize, scoping out my children! My arse alerted other parents in the neighborhood and hopefully they'll be extra careful with their kids...esp. older ones they might have previously felt it was safe to let them venture out by themselves. I understand not wanting to cause a panic, but really...that's something you should give parents a heads up on.


Am I overreacting??

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