Gonna Open a Can of....

Yup. So, this article was published about what happened in our neighborhood. Nice to know that it literally happened in my backyard...literally. of the other moms is an attorney and we're (at least the two of us) are planning on heading over to the clubhouse and talking to the director about this nonsense of trying to keep things on the DL. Kinda like storming the administration building at UMD but at a country club...hahahahaha.

This is abso-freaking ridiculous.


pheak-pheak said...

OMG tanya!!! That is so scary! i am sorry to hear that! Please becareful!! I hope they cath the mofos!!

Ben Lau said...

did you actually storm the CP admin buildings? lol.

somehow, i'm not surprised.

hope everything works out!

Hulking said...

that sux! cops are so much more reactive than proactive (which us AASU'ers were groomed to be) until something bad happens. your new superheroine name is T-bone for always picking a bone to fight.