Attempted Abduction

So, apparently there was an attempted abduction in our neighborhood this past Saturday. Naturally, I am scare feces-less. The reason...I think this same person actually scoped me and the children out less than two weeks ago. The car he drove matches the description that was reported to the police. I remember being pissed at the kids for taking so long and not listening to me before we had to go to this change of homeport meeting at the base in Kings Bay, GA. Then we're running 20 minutes behind, Sean's waiting for us there, and as I'm buckeling the kids in their carseats, I notice a suspicious truck driving SLOWLY down our street. Of course, since there is still a lot of new construction going on in our neighborhood, I'm used to the construction workers or people coming through to look at the houses. BUT...this truck had some crazy tinted windows and was going slowly in front of our home, the both times it passed us. The thing is, it's late afternoon and the truck was in our neighborhood before the guard stands duty at the gatehouse. I remember being in a rush and forgetting to set the alarm but having had a bad enough feeling about that car, I go back and set it.

Now I find out that there is a predator out there who tried to abduct a child in our neighborhood AND knows that I have two little ones here too.

All I can say is THANK GOD for Jax and the world class protection training he's gotten.

I'm still on edge though and trying to explain it to Kaia without scaring her. So far, she's scared. Arghhhhhhhh.


emperor of sultans said...

hey stay safe.

Ellyn said...

Mama, please stay safe and listen to your gut instincts. xoxo.