I somehow turn off my alarm this morning and neglect to set a backup...thereby waking up at 7:23am...23 minutes later than the absolute latest I should be waking up...esp. today of all days!! Luckily, K-bear was already reading in her I didn't have to spend 10 minutes getting her cute little booty up. After picking out outfits, I then go down and have to figure out breakfast...and really quick nutritious breakfast!!!

Plus, this is the morning I have to make cookies and prepare a meal for the JO's fam that is moving to VT tomorrow...and I'm so anal about my cooking.

Kaia's now on the schoolbus & cookies are in the oven....time to start on lunch.

Steaks are marinated, cookies are DONE. Grill is started and I finally let the dogs out. Dogs are in and wiped down of mud. Grill is OFF...yes, OFF. Either it is no longer working or the propane is out. I I have 4 steaks I have to pan-fry...yuck and booooooooooooo. This is bordering on being a terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad day....but it's so petty compared to what others are real problems. Anyway...back to being anal about I'm pissed since when the Type-A in me wants a specific flavor...I. Want. That. Flavor. Now this family will have to get a sub-par meal. ARGH.

Meal is done, cookies are packed...I shower. Meal is packed, we get lunch @ Chick-fil-A and drop the meal off. It's always sad to see nice people move. Navy lives always allow us to cross paths.

We come home after having a scare that one of the bridges would be up therefore creating the usual traffic mess....luckily, it's not up!! We get home, I poop, and Jaron is read to & put down for a nap.

I decide to be a good daughter for once and actually talk to my mother...because 1) I actually have enough time and quiet to be able to think and have enough patience for her & 2) I should be a better daughter & 3) I would have enough patience. My mom really is great though...she's a really, really wonderful mom. But, both sides are getting slightly annoyed over the conversation of a gym membership. My mom thinks it's a year but like Jan-Dec type of year and I explain that the contract should be good for a year from when you sign. She ends with wanting to call the gym. Good...that's good anyway...since there is a slight chance I might be wrong. Yes, you like how I said SLIGHT? This is what my husband has to put up with. Anyway...a slight argument over gym memberships and more annoyance on my part since my sister & I wanted to get her a membership for Xmas (her old one expired a while ago).



Let the rest of this day go smoother. Hahahaha. 40 minutes till K gets home and hopefully her & Jaron will have a better day. I figured I need to get tougher with them when we're on the phone and they feel like they don't have to use manners and/or listen to any rules we set forth immediately prior to the phone call or established rules. least they got a lot of sleep last night!!

Ok...thank you. I feel better now!

Hump day...hubby comes home day after tomorrow...and then goes right into work the next morning...on Saturday.

I complain...but really, it's really so trivial compared to what's going on to so many around me. It's definitely more laughable than anything.


Melis said...

Oh thank goodness! I'm so sorry you've got heaping, steamy piles of crap to deal with too... sometimes I get thinking it's only me! :-) Let's band together and fight the stress lady - let's plan on a coffee date soon. Maybe my girls can help bridge the gap between now and your next niece visit ;-)

Hang in there and let me know if there's ever anything I can do! I know I'm busy and you're always offering ME help, but honestly, busy as I am, doing something good for someone else would make me feel nice and warm inside and that's way healthier than getting the same effect from a good scotch.


Tanya said...

OMG...your girls also contribute to the achiness...but def help bridge those niece visits!!! They're so freakin' adorable...and gooooooooood. Thank you for the offer, Mama! Seriously...this was such a not-so-stressful day...just funny how everything happened all at once. I was NOT the one dealing with all sorts of insect/landlord (I guess they're interchangeable) probs and trying to protect and CARE for my family...and have my BFF move!!! So really...I have NADA to complain about!!