You were treated to a visual feast of my sister, brother, and cutie pie niece the other day.  Now, another goodie from one of my college friends and favorite blogger, Ben aka DILF-in-Training (when you visit his site, please vote for him as a top baby blog)!  Thank you very much, for these beautiful photos that we will cherish forever!

I met Tanya about a decade ago (egads!) while we were both students at the University of Maryland. What’s amazing is that despite the fact I was an obnoxious, self-righteous twenty year old prick (really…who wasn’t at that age?) who had only now transformed into a slightly-less obnoxious, self-righteous thirty year old (and only slightly prick-ish) dad, we’ve remained friends all the same. Bless her heart. Really.
Though the details escape me as of this writing, Tanya and I somehow reconnected over the years via the multitude of social networking sites and blogs that were literally at our fingertips. We kept up with each other’s journeys towards happily ever after: marriage, white picket fences and 2.5 kids. And as a fellow foodie, experimental chef and shutterbug, she reliably remained at the top of my daily reading list all these years. Naturally :).
You can follow her blog here.
Since I was going to be in the vicinity for a wedding, I proposed to meet up to introduce the fam, under one condition: they allowed me to photograph their awesomely photogenic family!  It took some arm-twisting at first (okay, maybe not), but after some back-and-forth, she graciously accepted my humble offer and we found ourselves as weekend guests at their beautiful home (with Lil Monster in tow, no less!).
As a budding shutterbug, I was grateful for even a few casual shots. But this family totally went all out!  They even got matching outfits! So without further ado, allow me to introduce the fam!
Tanya + Jaron
Tanya + Kaia
Sean + Jaron
Sean + Kaia
Admittedly, my skills as a photographer and post-production slave are still works in progress,  but this family was such an absolute joy to photograph!  If I didn’t know any better, I would venture to guess that they did this on a regular basis!  Tan & Sean, thank you so much for having us over for the weekend, and allowing us to capture and share all these fantastic moments with your family.  I’m almost tempted to suggest we make this an annual event!
What can I say? We are absolutely IN LOVE with this family!
Photo Credits: Ben and Benson Lau


Melis said...

You guys. Breathtaking. I love you all so much - I can't believe I only got to be around you for a short time and you occupy such a huge part of my heart - I'm totally grateful to Ben for these pics - LOVE YOU GUYS!

slommler said...

Fabulous photos and you are right. A gorgeous family!!

The Hapa Girl said...

No fair..who allowed everyone in your family too look so beautiful??? It's great to see your lovely family and thanks for keeping up with's been way too long!

Michelle A'etonu said...

these photos are fantastic. what a beautiful family you have...and what great friends too! all is well here. the shooting happened on post...and I live off post, so I was nowhere near the incident. thanks for asking!

liza said...

Okay...super hot family!!! What a great friend for doing this for you. I can tell you soooooooo weren't into it...hahahaha!!!!

Julie said...

Seriously...could your family be any more lovely!! What awesome pictures. I'm dying to get some great pictures of my family (with me in them). Maybe I'll have to beg one of my bloggy friends to come for a visit!! Love these!