Figure It Out Friday

Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

Just a snippet of The Hubs' pile o' laundry.
Note the prior Abercrombie & Fitch folding skills are still intact.

That mountain has since diminished and today, it starts all over again.
But, laundry is one of the only types of cleaning I strangely enjoy.  Again, it's probably due to all those damn years @ A&F during college that ingrained my love in perfecting folding piles.



Lindsay said...

would you come do my laundry?? haha. i can get it washed but then it sits unfolded in the basket foreeeever.

Michelle said...

seriously, you can come and do my laundry and show me how to master those A&F folding skills too!

liza said...

Seriously...laundry's your favorite? Then you'd be in heaven hanging them out to dry on a line. That's how I roll these days. When in Rome...

MollyinMinn said...

Ah yes, I find doing laundry to be kind of therapeutic, too. Except socks. I hate doing socks.

And you are right, once you work retail, you never lose those folding skills.

Kinsey said...

Folding is the worst for me. I would rather hang everything up, but I worked at a department store where we just had hangers...coincidence? No, I'm just that lazy ;)

brooke lynn said...

man, i wish i could fold t-shirts that way! :)
adorable blog layout and kiddos!!!

Tanya said...

Lindsay...I totally used to do that! The Hubs and I used to LIVE out of our hamper and put the dirty clothes on the floor. Hehehe. I think folding has given me some sense of accomplishment since the rest of the house is a pig sty. ;o)

Michelle...DEFINITELY! ;o)

Liza...if I had to rank the household chores I actually do...then, yes, this would be #1 out of the one thing I do. HAHAHAHAHAHA. JK...sort of. ;o)

Molly...I start letting my 6YO daughter help out with the socks. I don't mind doing them, as long as The Hubs turns them RIGHT SIDE OUT! I used to compete with my sister for who had the better folding skills...her's was Gap's whatever folding skills & mine were anal A&F skills. ;o)


Brooke Lynn...thank you for visiting! Back in the day @ A&F they used to use folding boards, that was their secret. Some of the employees even took them home (not me though)! I think after doing it for so long, it just becomes second nature. ;o)