Water Makes Me Happy

I love water.  Rain, not a huge fan of it...especially since Big Puppy is a total slob and he just sloshes around the backyard.  Old Lady...well, she's just perfect (if you don't count her gaseous activities).  But back to the original point...I love water.

With that being said, it's been a great blessing that I married a subby and we're constantly near the water.  Even better, there are little lakes/ponds/etc. galore down here in Hampton Roads.  We are lucky enough to have one in our backyard.  It makes the gloomy days a lot less gloomy and the beautiful days that more beautiful.

The Hubs got me a brand new toy.  I'm still trying to figure this sucker out and looking for some downtime to play with it here and there.  Yesterday, I had the chance after looking out and seeing one of our frequent visitors...the magnificent Great Blue Heron.

But, before I could snap him/her, I saw this sucker swimming across the lake.  My zoom is good but not great.

Not sure if it was a nutria or muskrat, but either way...I know this destructive little critter is going to be target practice for our neighbor., I turn my lens back to the heron.  I'm hanging out my dining room window here since I wasn't sure if he/she was skittish or not.  Some of them are and some aren't.

Plus, by the looks of it, I wouldn't want to interrupt it's lunch.

I went outside and it stayed put for a little bit before deciding I might be a potential threat.

But he left his lunch behind:

This dude was also peeking out to check out the action.  He & his buddies usually hang out on our bank too when they're not hanging out in the middle of the water.  Some are tiny and some are pretty ginormous.  They ARE very skittish.

Then Big Girl's bus arrived, so right after, we took a field trip to the backyard...which is an adventure in and of itself seeing that the ground was still a bit soggy from the rains and there were a few "land mines" we didn't attend to yet (and if you're wondering pit bull & German shepherd "land mines" are relatively the same size...if you wanted to know).

I wanted to show them the heron's missed lunch...they get to see the wildlife living in our backyard but usually when they're feeding them, which means they're usually swimming, breathing, know, things living creatures do when they're LIVING.  Anyhoo, the fish we usually see are gigantic carp (unfortunately not the cool monster fish like they show on Animal Planet) not this itty bitty.  I assured them it was dead.  It had been sitting out for who knows how long.

But, of course, after answering Kaia's "But how do you know it's dead?" question with a duh-I'm-an-adult-and-know-these-things-not-to-mention-mother-knows-best resolute answer that this fish is most certainly dead... breathed.

Not just a reflex-type of a few breaths.

After looking for some kind of stick to push is back in and finding none, I took off my shoe and pushed it back...where it slowly sank and bobbed back up towards the surface...kind of hanging in limbo...for a while.

Then the explanations of why I did that and how the poor fish was already speared to death by the heron and how I couldn't let it lay there and turn into fish jerky...Kaia was finally satisfied that I kind of knew what I was talking about.  ;o)

Poor fishy, rest in peace.


Lindsay said...

ooh good pictures! i got a nikon for christmas and looooove it, i take a ridiculous amount of pictures. :)

Tanya said...

Awww, thank you, Lindsay! I have a Canon G9 that I love but needed something a little quicker to capture my rugrats and things like flying heron! ;o)