Figure It Out Friday

Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

Dear Big Puppy,

I love you but you need to stop using Mama's boots as chew toys.  I've tried to be patient with you.  I've bought you lots of toys even when Dad said you had too many.  I've let the kids know the importance of putting away their wooden toys as you seem to have a penchant for wood.

But now, you done did it.

You ate Larry.

You know Mama doesn't buy expensive shoes/boots.  These were my ONLY leather boots...and I even named them.  Even the kids know their names and which is which and that they are Mommy's other children.  Harold is sad that his partner Larry has been maimed.  I waited patiently for an entire season for these bad boys to drop in price...drastically.  

Seriously, Puppy, you need cheaper chew toys.

But, thank you for providing a great lesson for the kids that Mommy needs to work on HER procrastination and put HER stuff away.

Still, touch Harold and be prepared for the wrath of Mom.

That sounded tough, didn't it?



Melis said...

I love your shoes. And I love that they're named. And I love Jax... I do not have any snazzy shoes and therefore, I'd be willing to let Jax come be my puppy. Deal? Deal. Or, I could take your shoes to uh, "keep them safe"... either way -- win, win.

blunoz said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this, but the way you wrote about it really made me laugh. Thanks for the laugh!

You name your shoes???


Hilary said...

I can't say I've ever known anyone who named her shoes. This is a hilarious first. A good shoe repair shop should be able to fix those for you. :) Gorgeous pup!

Tanya said...

Melis...I love you. Please don't move.

Blunoz...hahaha. I was so mad at first but had no one to blame but myself for not putting them out of his reach...and the kids got a good lesson that we're not perfect too. And yes, this winter I realized that I was babying my only pair (and only LEATHER) pair of I decided to be extra vacuous and named them. Yes, individually. But, that's it for naming footwear...I'll just move onto naming kitchen appliances next. HAHAHA.

Hilary...thank you for stopping by! I might have to wait to take these back home to DC to get them fixed...if they can fix it. I even saved all the little pieces that were around my destroyed heel.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, hilarious all around. Larry!? Kakaka! By the way, great photos sis! Jax's expression is priceless, "What?"

Kinsey said...

Your poor shoes :(

MollyinMinn said...

Oh man. That is killer. I don't have dogs, but have had other people's dogs eat mine. And it drives me nuts. But I also do think it's a riot that you named them!

slommler said...

Bhwahaaa!!! Poor Larry!! This is so sad! And you did sound very firm!! You go Mom!!
Congrats on your POTW

Suldog said...

Oh, my. Sorry for your loss... but happy I got to read the words about it :-) Funny stuff.

carla said...

My husband (who Always puts his clothes in the hamper and his shoes in the closet) - well, one night he didn't. We were sitting on the sofa watching a movie and the beagle was lying down by our feet and making a funny noise.

All of a sudden I realized just what the sound was. Peter Parker had chewed up one of my husband's leather dress shoes. The ones he wears to work. The only pair.

So he got new ones and now he really never leaves them out.

Was Larry buried or cremated?

Jenny said...

Hi! I saw your link on the Smitten Image and came to visit.

What a great post.

I am happy to say that I now know someone who names her shoes! ha!

Happy Wednesday!

Julie said...

Seriously, I'm so sorry but it is so funny!!

Tanya said...

Elle...does Jack want a playmate?? Esp. since Larry brings the total count of Mama's boots destroyed to 4!!

Kinsey...Amen to that, Sister!

Molly...other people's dogs have eaten yours? Oy vey...that's horrible. At least Jax hasn't ventured to anyone else's shoes but mine.

SueAnn...thank you!! At first I didn't know what POTW you were talking about until I connected it with Jenny's, thank you!

Suldog...thank you...I'm still in mourning. ;o) Thank you for stopping by!

Carla...oh no!! That's awful!! Larry's sitting on my stairs with pieces of his former self waiting to see if anyone can fix him up.

Jenny...thank you for stopping by and letting me know how you found me which also clued me in about the POTW! ;o)

Julie...if you can't laugh about these things then what good is life? Then again, I'm sure at the time my contorted face looked anything BUT amused...hahahaha.