I hate you...

Cusinart coffee maker.

Seriously....3 times to make a damn pot of coffee.

Try #1) Coffee grinds come spewing out from the built-in grinder past the basket (that popped out unbeknownst to me) and into nowhere land behind the carafe and on top.  Of course...this has nothing to do with human error.  Really.

Try #2) Save all the ground coffee that escaped and put in basket.  Turn "grind" function off and start up coffee maker again.  Come down after 1/2 the coffee has "brewed" to find that said coffee is running down the countertops onto the dog food (containers luckily and not opened down food) and floor below...mingling with the coffee grounds I neglected to pick up.  Hold in expletives since children eating breakfast...incl. one child home sick from school.  Clean up HOT coffee mess and again curse the coffee maker since again, it has nothing to do with human error.

Try #3) Grind function off.  Hot coffee grounds dumped.  Carafe washed out of coffee & coffee grounds.  Grab other coffee grinder and grind another batch of beans.  Turn on pot and pray for a miracle..since again, it has nothing to do with human error.

Houston...we have lift off.

I have coffee and it's another brilliant start to Daddy Duty Day.  Seriously...only on single married mom days does everything go straight in the crapper.  But's definitely laughable and keeps us in check to not sweat the small stuff.

Less than two weeks to go and I'll soon forgot how duty days & deployment/underway/patrol days felt...for a little bit at least.


liza said...

Third time is the charm...

Tanya said... least I didn't fall down the stairs that day...although yesterday I was pretty darn close. Darn Jax was stepping on my saggy sweatpants at the top of the stairs!