Turning Over...

Yesterday started day #1 of the hubs turning over with the PWEPS.

I can't believe how fast these 3+ years have flown by.

We're in the homestretch...and I'm a little sad.  It's weird having been the "senior" wife in the wardroom during this past year in the shipyards with the CO geo-bacheloring and the XO is a newlywed.  We have a great wardroom and I've grown the absolutely adore all of the spouses.  From the rockstar newbie wives who don't even know how much MORE of a rockstar they'll be when their hubbies' tours are over to the more "seasoned" JO wives who have experienced so much as single married spouses/parents/women.  My fellow department head wives have all been pretty stellar and our XO's new wife...couldn't love her more.

I've felt blessed with this boomer tour.  The fast attack tour was rough and the schedule hellish at times...making this boomer tour (for me) feel like shore tour with a few underways sprinkled here and there.  Still, I know the crazy fast attack schedule made me thankful that even though he was gone for 90% of the time, he still was home for that 10%...unlike other branches of service where a 6-month deployment is only the HALF-WAY mark for others. hardworking as our spouses are...I think plenty of kudos lie within the ones at home (those working outside and inside the home).  There's definitely a special type of personality that a military spouse needs to possess.  From the seasoned higher-up wife like Liza whose grace, wisdom, and strength has probably given her hubby an awesome piece of mind to know that his family has been more than well-taken care of during his various underways/deployments/patrols/geo-bacheloring to the nearing-the-end-of-the-tour-and-career-JO wife Melissa whose life as a mommy of 3 under 3 (two of them being the uber-adorable twin GallaGIRLS joining their uber-adorable big brother Jack) and hilarious exploits that would drive an ordinary person insane make her even more thankful for everything she has...definitely a woman who would've made an awesome DH/XO/CO wife!!

We'll be staying put...which is the main thing we wanted.  Giving our kids some piece of normalcy in this type of lifestyle is something we try to get when we can.  Although it would've been nice to be back home in DC...for once, we didn't want to go.  Let me clarify...I didn't want to go since with two mortgages (one being in the wonderful FLORIDA housing market)...buying a home in DC was not the best option.  We'll be home one day...but for now, I'll enjoy the constant uprooting to new places (although most of our time has been in VA so far...and by choice...hahahaha...nice to be close to home) and enjoying the culture of each different area in our lovely little country.

Hail & Farewell next week...can't wait and yet I can...


Melis said...

Tan, that was so sweet! I can't even come up with a good comment I'm so flattered... and a little choked up, not gonna lie. It stinks we're going different ways in way too short a time. Sigh. It's been wonderful having you in the wardroom and I'm wicked bummed to miss your H&F... All I can say is that I'm definitely going to be stalking you like crazy for the rest of ever and don't worry - Justin's shift work will ensure that my crazy single married mom stories continue for quite some time. I wish you guys the best of luck on this next step, and I can't even begin to thank you for all your support and friendship. Hugs!

liza said...

Tanya...You ARE such a sweetheart. I'm not feeling very graceful right now in my grungy moving day clothes but your very thoughtful post reminded me to keep in check for all those that depend on me. Enjoy your H&L and many congrats on your successful boomer tour. Besos!

Sonia said...

Ahhh...the boomer tour! After a fast attack, I love the boomer tours! Where are you guys going next? You see...I'm working my way up the enlisted side, so sometimes the officer stuff gets me confused LOL!

Tanya said...

M, H&F might get moved...hopefully y'all will get to go. Then again, if they move it the day before...boooooo. I'm really going to miss you & the kiddos so much! waaah...don't want to think about it.

Liza...I think you could be at your grunginess and still look completely amazing! I hope the move is going well!

Sonia...I know!! I was happy we did it this way too. We have shore tour (typically 2 years but this one is almost 3) and then who knows. So, officers...about 3 years for the junior officer tour, then 2 for shore, then school, then about 2-3 years department head tour (what we're at the end of), then 2 shore, then...IF they screen...1.5 years XO tour, then 2 shore, then school, then about 3 year CO tour.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Sending all of you ladies mentioned in this post a BIG thankyou for your support and commitment to as wives of those serving our country!

It is a special friendship and relationship amongst the military community!

Blessings & Aloha!
(My hubby is a retired Army pilot, dad is retired Air Force, and brother is active duty Navy...with more family serving.)

Sonia said...

WOW...and I thought our schedule was crazy...can't beat that! HAHAHAHA...sorry, had to add the laughter!

ronee said...

wait wait still have a home here? I have to rent some place here soon! LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGG story..but maybe?

Tanya said...

Holy kahuna am I late or what in responding to Maria, Sonia, & Ronee!!!

Maria...thank you for your support AND for your service as a former mil spouse too!!!

Sonia...I still think this tour was definitely a nice change of pace from fast attack life! ;o)

Ronee...yes, Mama...we're owning that till we die...or till the market picks up. Whichever comes first!! ;o)