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Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

It's been a, I apologize to my one reader...and by one, I mean the spammer who likes leaving me messages in Chinese.  Dude, my family left China a long time ago.  Not building-the-railroads long time ago, but several generations back. of my new favorite reads is Julie's blog @ The Peanut Gallery...Exit Here.  Her family had a newly adopted pet duck this past spring and named him Buck.  That reminded me of last year.

Right before my sweet baby niece was born, we had a little arrival of our own:

That's a frikkin' unfathomable amount of offspring for one female, but she did it.  We watched them grow, beg for food from us, come up on our deck and return our food (albeit in a different form than it was originally given and through a different outlet), use my SUV simultaneously as a shelter AND a restroom, and mature from cute furry little things to these:

Do you see the dinosaur resemblance?  I have never seen such "interesting" ducks outside of this area.  By "interesting" I also mean who hit these ducks with the ugly stick?

Although the number of our duck family significantly dwindled from 18 to a core group of 6, the circle of life continues...on the side of our house, no less:

Have a great weekend!


Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

Wow! that is so great and what beautiful pics. i'm so glad your kids get to see first hand mother nature's blessings!

The Hapa Girl said...

bwahahahahaha...that Chinese guy really likes your stuff, eh! Well, the duck pictures are nice, I like the baby duckies, oh so cute! However, I do have a gripe with them. They big ducks leave a lot of presents on the running path at the duck pond. Maybe they are leaving us a message ...Stay off our TRACKS!

Melis said...

I miss you and I miss your duck and I miss your fam... SIGH! I miss you!

slommler said...

Wonderful pics..and they are interesting looking ducks for sure. Love the eggs in down. Fabulous!

Julie said...

Oh no!!! MORE DUCKS!! MORE CRAP!! Hilarious...I don't think I've ever seen a duck like that. Hmm..very unique to say the least!

You crack me up...addressing your spammer! Too funny!

MollyinMinn said...

What a great photo recap, great job. And I promise I am not spamming you in Chinese. But it is good to see you back blogging!

Anonymous said...


liza said... chinese guy the two-timer...he keeps leaving stuff on mine, too! Funny that we're both in a blog slump...maybe, we'll be back, soon.

blunoz said...

Yeah, what's up with the random Chinese blog comments? Those spam commenters drive me nuts.

Tanya said...

Michelle...thank you! I'm really thankful they get to experience this too!

Sonia...dude, I JUST had to delete another spammer! Also, who knew duck poop could be so big??


SueAnn...I just found out the name of the ducks...and FORGOT the name too! But, I do know they are a cross between domesticated and wild ducks.

Julie...thankfully for us the crap is OUTSIDE! ;o)

Molly...thank you! Great job too with all your efforts fighting child hunger!!

Elle...wish baby E were here to feed the ducks!

Liza...I miss you but am thankful for your posts here and there!

Kevin...I JUST had delete some more. Seriously.