Sibling Love

Anyone want to share?

Ironically, the number of this photo is 143.

What's more ironic?

They are currently fighting.

Ahhhhhh...sibling love.


Michelle A'etonu said...

what a cute picture. that cookie looks delish!

brooke lynn said...

that's a great pic...and a great looking cookie! :)

have a good weekend!

Julie said...

Perfect made the cookie and where can I get one. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite accessory! he he

The Hapa Girl said... that cookie is HUGE! Ummm, did you say fighting? Puh lease, come visit my home, my poor son gets the smack down from his little and big sister!

Julie said...

Yes...I know I'm a day late..but just wanted to give a little "shout out" to your hubs and thank him for what he is doing for our country!

MollyinMinn said...

I don't know how your kids could get any cuter. And if they is how they look when they fight...well then even better!

Tanya said...

Michelle...thank you! The cookie was good, good, good!

Brooke Lynn...thank you! Just posted the recipe too!

Julie...either go to MYC & hit up Momofuku's Milk Bar or make 'em yourself...I just posted the recipe! ;o) These, my friend, are no ordinary cookie.

Sonia...heck ya that cookie is huge! Your poor son! I'm guessing he's going to make an awesome bf one day though since he's going to be getting schooled big time in that estrogen-dominant house! ;o)

Julie...awwww, thank you!!

Molly...thank you! The fighting ensued right after the pic...not bad like a "Calgon day"...but def frustrating.