Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day

To all the military spouses doing what you do (and if you have children, often as a "single married spouse" doing the work of two people 24/7 for most of the year), without complaints (although you're definitely allowed the occasional vent), and sometimes without the credit you truly deserve...

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!


slommler said...

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation!!! Also Happy Mothers' Day.

The Hapa Girl said...

LOL...we don't need credit, we need a live in nanny and maid!

Melis said...

Happy Military Spouse Day to you too, Chica! You've always been an inspiration and I miss ya to pieces. Hugs!

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

right back at ya lady...and happy mother's day to you. can't wait to see what the little ones have in store for you!

Tanya said...

SueAnn...thank you!! Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!

Sonia...amen to that, Sista!

M...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Love ya!

Michelle...thank you for your dual service of being a military spouse AND a military officer!!!!