Figure It Out Friday

Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

I am the author of 3 blogs.



Well, I started our family blog for the obvious.  Being a military family away from friends and fam, I started it to keep everyone updated.  Except, I failed to realize that also being a military family, you run into slumps...most noticeably when you're a "single married spouse/mom" (SMS/M) and/or the computer is in a different room on a different floor in your house away from your kids.  Also, when I have the time to blog, I'd rather spend it with my husband with whom I've probably spent 1/2 of our relationship actually being in his physical presence.  I also didn't want to clutter our family blog with my own personal stuff since well, it's our family blog.

Besides my family, my passion is cooking and eating.  So, I started my food blog.

Since I'm starting to lose steam, time, and energy on giving the appearance of maintaining three...I'm going to simplify and put everything on this bad boy...with the exception of my food blog which I'll just double post on both blogs,  so any foodies won't have to read my ramblings & babblings...except in my food posts.

Which means, I'll still be blogging with the same frequency...which is occasionally.

So there.


Julie said...

I think that's an awesome idea!! For the longest time I didn't even know you had this blog!! mantra lately!

Anonymous said...


i could've told you that you're crazy for maintaining so many blogs!

i think the best way to do it is to designate certain days for certain topics. tag them a certain way so people who are interested in only a handful of topics can subscribe to those feeds (I "think" you can do that!).

But I find all your posts fascinating, so I'll be reading everything :)

Tanya said...

Julie...surprise! ;o) Simplify...yes, that's what I need to start I look at all the "stuff" around my house!

Ben...hehehe, you know me...overachiever! My posts fascinating? NO WAY!!! I hope to write better one day like you!! Now go rub your baby mama's belly for me! ;o)