Figure it Out Friday...

Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

It's the second week of Figure It Out Friday.  

So here is this week's photo:

What is it?

Could it be expensive designer pleated shades?  Oh no no no.  It is not.  They are the temporary blinds that are covering our windows that recently got replaced...

and by recently...I mean SEPTEMBER.  

So, I guess that the definition of "temporary" is relative to the person utilizing the word...whether "temporary" means "a couple of weeks" or "FIVE months"'s all relative, right? (To our defense, our new windows have less than 1/2 inch to work with...that doesn't give us much leeway or options.  But...since we bought plantation shutters for our FL home...we're definitely going uber-cheap this time...apparently you can't get any cheaper than temp blinds.  Hahaha.)

Poor Melis...she was witness to our high-class "temporary" window treatments.  At least she had a good laugh. ;o)  She'll have a good surprise when she comes back over and sees we are in the process of trying to replace some of them...but procrastination is winning and we've taken a 2-week going on 3-week break.

Oy vey.


Melis said...

I personally think paper blinds are way sexy. If they get dirty and gross, take them down, toss them out, and you're done! OR, you could be super green and wrap your kids' birthday gifts in them when you're done... the list goes on! I honestly prefer the look of your pleated paper blinds to my dingy, banged-up minis any day. And if you hadn't told me, I'd have thought you had fancy blinds ;-) I'm not quick to pick up on faux anything though, so...

liza said...

I remember having to use these on those the lovely non-standard front windows in Groton. Oh so CHIC!