1.29.2010 verwy, verwy quiet...

Although I wasn't hunting "wabbits"...I was "hunting" my lovable knucklehead Jax aka The Big Puppy.  Sean had duty last night and I was prepping the kiddies for bed.  When I was leaving the kids' bathroom I hear Jax scratching wildly at something on the ceramic floor downstairs.

I peek downstairs and he just looks at me in mid-scratch with his goofy look.  I go back up and hear him scratching again.  So...being the being the brainiac I am and wanting to outsmart my German Shepherd...I sneak downstairs.


It's kinda hard to "sneak" downstairs when your ensocked (yes, I did just make that word up) feet SLIP on the stairs...making your "sneaking" turn rapidly into barreling down the stairs and landing solidly on a newly formed gluteal area.  I am truly thankful that I decided to try to do something about these atrophied muscles and began working out a couple of weeks ago...and thanks to the hundreds of squats & booty was ample cushion for the fall.  Pre-workout booty would've surely resulted in a broken coccyx or spinal injury...but I felt my bad boy absorb most of the shock.  Hahahaha.

Yes...I was solidly living up to the single married military spouse curse...all things go wrong when your spouse is gone (for instances that have occurred since I started blogging and independent of all the other instances that occurred before I started blogging see: here, here, here, here, herethis happened a few months before we got married, here, & here).  Still, besides the attempted abduction & almost missing the birth of my's paltry compared to what a lot of other spouses go through...alone. complaints here.  Just something to laugh about.

Have a fab weekend and to those in DC...have a safe & WARM weekend!


Melis said...

BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! And I love how it turned out - yeeeeah 3 columns! Congrats!

And I'd never complain about being a single married mom :-) Without that status, I'd lead a very, very dull life. So I take the bad with the good and make the bad INTO good and learn lessons... from my own oopsies and, well, from yours. Today's lessons: socks and stairs don't mix and I need to beef up the junk in my trunk. Love you, Tan!

Tanya said...

Hehehe...I had this awesome and pretty hot tutor help me convert this into a 3 column blog...glad you like! ;o) THANK YOU!!!

All these experiences are totally life lessons. That's why I tell Sean that I look forward to the underways/patrols/deployments because I feel like I grow so much more when I'm a SMM! ;o)

Love you too!

liza said...

awwww, working out and 3-column blog...i'm starting to get a little jealous. = )

Tanya said...

Liza...I balance it in between my bon-bons and soap operas! ;o) HAHAHAHAHAHA. I squeeze in a quick Wii workout (albeit highish intensity) while Jaron's napping and before Kaia get's home. Since this body started falling apart during my 20s due to ridiculous atrophy and lack of stretching that it was high-time I fix this brokeness.

So, ummmm, about JEALOUS!!!