Figure it Out Friday...

Wordle: Figure It Out Friday

Bloggers have Wordless Wednesdays and other such days to showcase poignant photos. Me...I'm makin' my own...Figure it Out Fridays. When I start taking better photos and/or get my DSLR (eh, hmmm...HI HUBBY)...I'd love to participate in those days. For's time for photos that share a different special place in my heart...

This is the doorknob on my back door...weathered from the wonderful salty-air climate of Hampton Roads, VA. It's also weathered because it's on the OUTSIDE of my door. Someone needs to tell my big puppy Jax that THAT'S the side of the door he should see AFTER he poops OUTSIDE my house in the backyard...again, the operative word being OUTSIDE. Ideally.


One of us is not onboard with doing his bidness outside since apparently the warmth and comfort of carpet in a warm house is way more appealing than the soggy, frigid, muddy wetness of the backyard. One of us is also becoming more impatient with cleaning up messes that don't belong inside the house and is tired of keeping said living creature living since one of us has a partner who gets a little ticked when I...oops, one of us, tells him that said living creature had another accident.

Thank you, Jax.

I love you.


liza said...

Would love to start the photo group together. Think about it! Oh, that poor said living creature and its owners...sounds like a ruff time...= )

Tanya said... you know how intimidated I'd be to start that with you? But...OK!!! I was showing Sean your photos and told him how inspirational & talented you are! Let's do it!

"Ruff time"...hahahahaha.

blunoz said...

That new picture at the top of your blog is amazing! Is that in VA Beach? The crispness of the reflection of the tree in the water - wow!

Tanya said... sure is VA Beach! It's our backyard. We have the most amazing sunsets here. It's always blown us away. We totally missed them while we were in FL.